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Spanspek Micro-Album Reviews: Otis Reed / Brian Kenney Fresno / Brother Luke & the Comrades

In a long overdue effort to not be bad at my blog job (blob?), we're doing something a little different this time.  One blog post! Four awesome albums!  Four micro-album reviews! I ain't messing around vat@s! This post has been two months in the making sos lets gets downs tos businesses! VAMONOS!
Otis Reed (Fresno, CA)
Otis King

Shits good!

Just kidding, these won't be that micro! When it comes to politically/socially conscious raps, Otis truly is King. Coupled with excellent production from the likes of K. Pizzle, Jukebawks, and Reed himself, the songs on Otis King tackle real world concerns such as families torn apart by incarceration ("Lil Men"), fatherhood ("Gram Fathers"), and cultural identity ("Black Washed").  A must listen, especially if you're a fan of the Grizzly City Boys crew.
Brian Kenney Fresno (Fresno, CA)
Further Adventures in Fresno (Bonghit Records)

The Frank Zappa of Fresno returns with another kaleidoscopic symphony of Frescentric tunage.  Also, there's a song called "Dick Hands".  Basically what I'm saying is there a little bit of something for the whole family!  BKF is truly a virtuoso that defies easy categorization.  Download this shit and prepare yourself for a MIND EXPLOSION.
Brother Luke & the Comrades (Fresno, CA)

[Kicks down door] THIS AIN'T YOUR DADDY'S BROTHER LUKE! Well, not really but kind of.  Singer/Songwriter (and noted Dodger fan) Luke Freeman assembles a killer lineup of musicians to beef up his sweet sounding ditties.  The effect is music to the ears so to speak, as it adds vibrancy and allows Freeman to show off some serious lead guitar chops.  Unfortunately, the album is not widely available, unless you can convince Freeman to send you a copy (which he was kind enough to do for us Spanspek folk.  Thanks Luke!).


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