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New Albums: May/June 2017

Folks! There was a bunch of local music released in May and June of 2017! But I lost my list of all the releases in a freak phone accident. I was done dirty by the iCloud! C'est la vie!

MAY 2017
Elder Devil(Fresno, CA) Graves Among the Roots Genre: Grindcore

Bangladeshi Highway (Fresno, CA)
Take the X Off
Genre: Weirdo indie folk.

JUNE 2017
Amusia1(Fresno, CA)
Mostly Ghosts Vol. 1
Genre: Hip-hop.

Farooq (Fresno, CA)
The Faction
Genre: Hardcore/Punk/Metal.

Three out of four album covers are black! Goodnight!

Community Spotlight: Fuss Fest

Hey folks! Hope this post finds you doing well.  I've been M.I.A. for a bit because The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an amazing game that has taken over my life. This is how I've chosen to spend the precious few moments allotted to me on this mortal plane.

Anyway, I really wanted to take some time to give some blog love to the folks over at the first ever Fuss Fest!
For those who don't know, Fuss Fest is a femme-centric music and arts fest that's going on this Saturday over at Yoshi Now in Fresno! To celebrate the event I spoke with its organizers: artist Pris Van Rye, Midwest Moms vocalist and OtherXcore zine author Sam Retton, Sci-Fi Caper vocalist/bassist Emelia Guadarrama, and vintage clothing purveyor Rio Toi. Read it up, share, pack some sunscreen, then head out to the fest! 
Spanspek: All of you are either artists or musicians involved in the Fresno area. Is this your first event of this type, or something that you've done before?
Pris: I …