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How to Play the Spanspek Festival

Hey folks! It's mid-May! You know what that means? It means Co-Founder/Director Israel Flores and I awake from our eternal slumber to start looking for bands to book for Spanspek 2017! It's a fun process that involves listening to a bunch of music, going to shows, arguing, and extreme bitterness and resentment. Honestly it's a wonder we've made it this far without murderizing each other.

Of course I kid. We've attempted multiple times but with no success. Maybe this will be our year!

In any case, for any of y'all that have ever asked yourself, "What do I gotta do to play Spanspek?!" rejoice! For today's your lucky day! Here written down for the first time ever are the tips you need to know to POTENTIALLY nab a spot on the lineup for the 2017 Spanspek Music and Arts Festival.


Ha! Just kidding, we can't be bought! But if you do feel like donating to La Causa Spanspek, please give it here Malfoy.

Ok, here's the real…