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Local Videos: Light Thieves & Sahab

Hey! How goes it folks? Good? Good! Cause over at Spanspek Headquarters everyone is succumbing to the cold and it is decidedly NOT the business. Why do the Gods see fit to punish us lowly beings, whose only wish is to grace the populace with the knowledge of local music happenings? POR QUE?!?!
Anyway, peeps have been busy when their camcorders! Here's a couple new videos for your faces!
Sahab(Fresno, CA) "Mushi" From the album Safa City.
Sahab continues dabbling in future funk soul on latest album Safa City. Amidst the Delorean glamour shots and altered harmonizations Sahab makes room for some timely economic anxiety; reminiscing about when "gas was hella cheap" and lamenting the lack of jobs. It's an interesting turn from an uncompromising artist who never fails to intrigue.
Light Thieves(Fresno, CA) "Goon Years" From the upcoming album Future Colors.
After a VERY long hiatus Light Thieves are finally making their return with new album Future Colo…

New Albums: January 2017 Pt. 2

Ay! How goes it! It's February and I'm already behind on this shiz! But first things first, please go to this!
Us Spanspek dudes (Israel from Macondo and Cristobal from Werebear) will be joining forces with Kenny Gonzalez (The Eros), and Tony Quintero (Satellite Era) to play some Radiohead tunes for Dead Eyes Shows'90'S SLAUGHTER III!  Our cut of the cash made from ticket sales will go towards funding Spanspek 2017. So if you love 90's music, Spanspek, or lazy eyes, PLEASE GO! For more info, click on this link!

And that's it for now! Here's some fly local music released in the dregs of January!

Daze Baby (Hanford, CA)
The Shimmering Pool of Queen Kool
Groovy indie psychedelia from some Hanford weirdos (which is meant as a compliment).

Santa Mira (Fresno, CA)
The Budapest Smile Club
The latest release from prolific singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael Flores, who's been on a creative hot streak as of late.

Tent City Christ (Fresno, CA)
Reggae inflected folk ro…