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On Strange Vine and Their Forthcoming Second Album

Dear Strange Vine,

Hey dudes, what gives?

Last week I was reading Josh Tehee's Fresno Bee article about the recently released lineup for the FresYes Fest. Y'all were announced as the headliners. Awesome! You two are the best! The music's great, the live show is fantastic, and the band hasn't played in a while, so it's a BIG DEAL.

Here's the problem though. The article embeds a music video of yours and states, and I quote, "Here the band plays in advance of the release of its long awaited new album." That's it, right there. The freaking understatement of the year.


Ghosts(your fantastic 1st album) was released over six years ago! That's an interminable amount of time! Sure you've released a few singles here and there, but come on, I'm fiending over here! I've been hearing about the new Strange Vine album for years now and it's starting to feel like the search for Sasqu…

On the Closing of Another Local Music Venue

On January 23, 2016, it was announced that hardcore record store and DIY music venue Dynamite Vinyl would be closing its doors. The stated reason, "A lack of value (in terms of fun)" per the stores Facebook page. This is the most recent in a spate of closings affecting local music venues including the Chinatown Youth Center, Audie's Olympic, and the Arthouse last month. It's made Fresno a hard place to play shows and could spell the death of the scene in general.


These closings are bad, don't get me wrong. People put blood, sweat, and tears into these ventures, and (controversies aside) seeing them close is always shitty. But I'm not worried in the least for the local music scene. It'll survive like it always has.

Mind you, I have very little DIY bonafides so I'm not speaking from a place of "authority" when it comes to all this. But it's my understanding that DIY means you play music by any means necessary. Don't have a p…

New Albums: December 2016/January 2017

Hey! It's 2017 y'all? How were your holidays? Ours were good; we got lots of rest and plenty of food. But the work never stops here at Spanspek Headquarters, so lets get to it!  Here's some local music that was released in the past couple months.No blurbs this time around, but be sure to check out the music, then head out to a show! And check back with us regularly as we'll have more stuff coming in the 2017! Thanks and goodnight!

Cortex Tomb/Ferguson (Fresno, CA)
s/t (Big Pharma Records)

He.Cried.Wolf(Fresno, CA)

The Trees (Visalia, CA)

MGAMIKE (Fresno, CA)
The MGAMIKE EP(Waterbox Inc.)

Werebear(Orosi, CA)

Artesia(Reedley, CA)

Bear Claw Spruce (Orange Cove, CA)
Steel, Strings, & Skeletons

Dr. Ink (Fresno, CA)
A Pocket Full of Water

Jukebawks (Fresno, CA)

Meet Me In Montauk/sports.(Fresno, CA/Boston, MA)
Highway 2 Shell(Counter Intuitive Records)

What Makes A Time Bomb Tic(Fresno, CA)
Swan Song

Trust Falls(Fresno, CA)
Catch Me If Y…