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New Albums - August 2016

Ayyyyyyyyyyyy! Vine's dead! I'm gonna eat cereal! There's a ton of local music and I'm not even close to getting caught up. SO LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Corsair (Fresno, CA)
Lucid For fans of Incubus and all things post-alt rock. Excellently produced and full of finely constructed bangers.

Dirty Limbs (Fresno, CA) School Ruiner
This is Dirty Limbs at their absolute dirtiest. The three tracks sound like they were recorded in a broom closet, but nevertheless the bands knack for bustin' out hooks for days shines through. Like the second coming of the Ramones.

MC Wicks & Amusia1 (Fresno, CA)
The Frog Brothers 
Nasty ass street prophet MC Wicks finds a perfect partner in crime in producer Amusia1 for this frog themed collaboration. Favorite song: "Rappin Bout Money" cause I be broke as fuck right now.

Neon the Unknown (Fresno, CA)
Mary Queen of the Universe
More synth weirdness to soundtrack your descent into 8-bit madness. 

Proctologist (Fresno, CA)

New Albums - July 2016

What's the word folks!? I'm watching Atlanta and feeling sorry for the plight of Paper Boi. Which is odd cause Earn is the one in jail. TV is fun. 

Call Me James(Visalia, CA)
Feel good alt rock with hooks for days y'all. This EP shows nothing but promise for the young bucks, so be sure to keep an eye out for the release of their new album in November 2016.

Dependence (Fresno, CA)
Remembering Everything(InVogue Records)
Reliably awesome screamo crew Dependence remains reliably awesome on their latest LP.  On Remembering Everything the group continues its exploration of mature sounds and themes. It's a foray that suits them very well.

Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries(Fresno, CA) Babe Buffet Re-recorded Fatty Cakes classics, now with more bass, drums, and grrl gang power.  However, if you want the full Fatty Cakes experience, take a listen to...
Feminist Gold 2K As of late the Fatty Cakes crew has become one of …

New Albums - June 2016

Good morning folks! I got two for all y'all today: THANK YOU!  
This years Spanspek Fest was amazing! The Memorial Hall was full of good vibes, great food, chingon art, and fantastic performances. It was one of the best times we've had in good ol' Orosi, and for that we thank each and everyone of you that made that possible.

So yeah homies, lets get back to doing what we do best (after the festival ofcourse): ramblings about local music! We got a lot of catching up to do so here goes nothing!
Amoret (Fresno, CA) Glory Days Amoret leaves the bright lights of the club and ventures into the dark 4am streets on their somber third EP.
Kam Cooks(Fresno, CA) Under Control The lastest in a long line of talented rappers emerging from the Grizzly City scene.  Cooks will be performing with his brother and fellow rapper Zee Will at the upcoming Tastemakers Festival October 15, 2016 in Visalia.
Matthew Embry(Fresno, CA) 15 Songs Live A delightful live set of jukebox favorites from the eclectic a…