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Spanspek Spotlight 2016 - The Artists

What’s up folks! It’s 12:30am and I’m tired cause I’m old so lets get to this! Here’s all the artists participating at Spanspek this year!

Cutler/Orosi, CA

Angel Graffiti is a local artist from the Cutler-Orosi area specializing in the use of spray paint. After 10 years of working as a graffiti artist, Angel Grafitti decided to expand and take his artistic endeavors to a new level. Angel Grafitti has been featured on numerous outlets, including the Dinuba Sentinel, Visalia Times-Delta, Fresno Bee, and ABC Channel 30 news.

Visalia, CA

Raven Akasha is a printmaker who studied at Visalia’s College of the Sequoias and is a member of the COS Printworks printmaking crew.

Visalia, CA

Gerardo Alonzo is also a screen printer affiliated with the COS Printworks group.  The College of the Sequoias educated artist will be participating in Spanspek for the first time.

Orosi/Culver City, CA

The amazing and talented Cecilia Carrillo (who also happens to be a certain bloggers youngest sister) specializes in fun and colorful interactive exhibits that entertain young and old alike. When not in Orosi, the longtime Spanspek collaborator works in child development in the Los Angeles area.

Fresno, CA

Nerdy Chavez is a self-described nerdy/retro ass/80's junkie. The hard working artist is also an active toy collector with an impressive collection of retro toys.

Carlos A. Cisneros is a freelance artist raised in the Central Valley of California. Main works include two dimensional mixed media art.

Fresno, CA

As a member and co-founder of the Fresno Underground Art collective, Henry "Loco" Contreras has worked for years to showcase and share art that he loves. Specializing in self-styled "Low Brow Art", Contreras aims to highlight the subjects he grew up with and around. Contreras works primarily in freehand lettering and sketching. For Contreras, art has always been a passion, though he is also a self-proclaimed music geek.  Contreras works fulltime as a graphic artist the process of creating a design and seeing it to fruition.

Visalia, CA

Victoria Davi is yet another COS Printworks member participating in Spanspek.

Fresno, CA

Puttin' the F in art like a mad scientist of color and design, pushing lead and tappin' keys, Stinkboy has contributed artwork for Flapjack Toys, Less Than Jake, Paper + Plastic, Wunderland War, Circus Punks, Central CA Roller Derby and more!

Visalia/Los Angeles, CA

Mikayla Hernandez is an art student pursuing a BFA in Illustration. Aside from drawing, Hernandez loves embroidering, knitting, crocheting, and trying to successfully make things with the sewing machine. Hernandez has an Etsy shop called Correvuela where she sells hand-made embroidered patches. Hernandez is constantly designing and planning out new artwork for sale.

Fresno, CA

Abigail Janzen is a multi-medium artist and performer affiliated with the Dulce Upfront, itself a multimedia arts activist collective that collaboratively invents positive environments of creative expression for the community. Janzen is also active with Arte Americas and provided a commissioned piece for Spanspek 2015.

Fresno, CA

Born & raised in Fresno, CA Lopez grew up with a #2 pencil & standard copy paper in hand. Lopez currently spends his time doodling with Sharpie pens & the occasional Micron pen.  Lopez’s work consists primarily of hand drawn illustrations which are then digitally colored. He has done album cover work as well for bands such as Rampage and rapper Cockamamie Jamie.

Fresno, CA

Laura May has been tattooing since January 2013 and has been drawing and painting since as long as she can remember. May also does custom artwork through various mediums. She has created logos and marketing images for local businesses and bands. When time allows, May participates in Fresno’s regular Arthop events.

Orosi, CA

Senior students from the Orosi High School Art Department will be on hand to show works of art created throughout their high school years. Their participation represents an ongoing effort to encourage Cutler-Orosi youth to pursue the Arts.

Dinuba, CA

Maria was born on December 11, 1979 in Michoacan, Mexico. She obtained her inspiration and motivation for art at a very early age as she was always fascinated by landscapes and the beauty of nature. She soon sought every chance she got to be able to draw.

Maria migrated to the United States in 1991 at age 11. She attended Monson-Sultana Elementary School where she got involved in every possible art contest. She found confidence in herself when she won first place in several of these competitions. This led to the continued growth of her curiosity and determination.

She began painting on canvas and continues to do so. Since then, she has completed over 30 paintings and two murals: one located in the Orosi Memorial Hall, and the other at El Monte Middle School.

Visalia, CA

Sleekmaus (Brent Mosley): Photographic DJ – one who mixes and blends images much like a DJ mixes music.

Having always been interested in sharing surreal beauty with others through art and digital manipulation, Sleekmaus first began creating art via a mobile device and a vast array of iPhone. Using the device, Sleekmaus creatively weaves and mixes images with the latest apps to deliver images that are truly out of this world.

In addition to the above, Sleekmaus also designs lamps using repurposes and industrial lighting fixtures from the Central Valley.

Fresno, CA

Adrianna Alejo Sorondo is an American visual anthropologist from Fresno, CA. Trained in the modernist ethnographic tradition, her focus is on landscapes and communities.

Reedley, CA

Jesus Tapia is a photographer who was raised and currently resides in Reedley California. He has been taking photos since 2012. His photography consists of live shows, graffiti and nature. Tapia has worked with local acts; Roach Collection, Kooleidoscope, Nesto, Ersatz Splynter, and  ESTO. He is also working on current projects with ESTO and Kooleidoscope.

Fresno, CA

Vasquez is a self-taught illustrator and painter from Fresno, CA. Having realized he was disillusioned with where he was heading in life, Vasquez finally accepted that time never stops and he needed to do what he loved. Vasquez felt he needed a full proof way of improving his drawing skills relatively fast. Vasquez studied several books on the fundamentals, which are key to fast improvement. He states that he has much to learn, but he hopes to land freelance work and finally achieve his goals.

Visalia, CA

Derek West has lived in the Central Valley of California for most of his life. West has been painting for about 15 years, and loves to make things.

Fresno, CA

Fresno up-and-comer Z Ghost is a colorful painter who creates “stylings from the afterlife.”  He is active in the Fresno art scene, showing frequently at The Arthouse for Arthop, and creating flyers for a plethora of local bands/festivals. Z Ghost will be premiering a brand new work of art commissioned specifically for Spanspek 2016.

In addition to all the wonderful artists, we’ll have a couple vendors on hand! Check em’ out!

Fresno, CA

Food Not Bombs Fresno first started sharing free meals with the hungry in 1997, but the first Food Not Bombs group was organized in Boston during the Spring of 1980. From its humble beginnings as an offshoot of the anti-nuclear movement, FNB has since grown to include over 500 chapters worldwide. Each chapter is autonomous, non-hierarchical, and organized by consensus. But all chapters recover food that would have been discarded and share it as a form of mutual aid and a way of protesting war and poverty.

Visalia, CA

Delicious Filipino food on the go! As you may have guessed, lumpia (kind of like a smaller fried egg roll with beef and veggies) is a specialty.

Fresno, CA

Crochet goods making your yarn dreams come true! Fun treats designed and handcrafted by a yarn loving lady with the intention to brighten your day.

And that's it! We'll see you tomorrow with some set time goodness!  Get it girl!


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