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2016 Spanspek Music and Arts Festival Guide

WHADDUP!? I hope you're all having a great morning! The Spanspek Music and Arts Festival is just a few days away and we can't wait to share some good times with all of you! So with that in mind, here's everything you need to know about this years fest! Please memorize everything and we'll see you Saturday!
* Sagey will no longer be performing
Spanspek Music and Arts Festival Saturday, September 17th, 2016 Orosi Memorial Hall, 41645 Road 128, Orosi CA 93618 $5 cover / All ages / 5:30pm
Craft beer for 21+ (Tioga Sequoia Tamarack and Firestone 805 on tap!) Facebook Event Page

Dirty Limbs
Sci-Fi Caper
Personal Computer
Mariachi Sol De Oro
Call Me James ESTO

ARTISTS: Abigail Janzen (Fresno, CA) Carlos Cisneros (Fresno, CA)
Robert Chavez (Fresno, CA)
Laura May (Fresno, CA) OHS Art Department (Orosi, CA)
Nerdy Chavez
Adrianna Alejo Sorondo
Jesus Tapia
Derek West
Maria Rodriguez
Mikayla Hernandez

Spanspek Spotlight 2016 - ESTO

What's the word nerds?!  Getting ready for Spanspek I presume? Picking out your fliest kicks and shit? Well good, cause I've got an extra Spotlight here for you!  The folks in Sagey had to drop out of the fest due to some unforeseen circumstances.  So in their place we've got a duo that released one of our favorite albums of 2016! People of Earth, give it up for the one and only ESTO!
Here's what we had to say about the dudes and their debut Crudo EP earlier this year:

I love it when talented dudes get together to make some good ass shit.  And make no mistake, the team up of up and coming beatmaker Nesto and battle rapper/DOOM disciple Esem is some GOOD ASS SHIT.  It's legit a match made in heaven, chock full of expertly crafted dusty samples and verbal heat.

That shouldn't be a surprise though. The wordsmith [Esem] continues to enliven his rhymes with comedic insights into weight loss, pseudo-alcoholism, and 90's nostalgia. He pulls influences from old schoo…

Spanspek Spotlight 2016 - The Artists

What’s up folks! It’s 12:30am and I’m tired cause I’m old so lets get to this! Here’s all the artists participating at Spanspek this year!
Angel Graffiti is a local artist from the Cutler-Orosi area specializing in the use of spray paint. After 10 years of working as a graffiti artist, Angel Grafitti decided to expand and take his artistic endeavors to a new level. Angel Grafitti has been featured on numerous outlets, including the Dinuba Sentinel, Visalia Times-Delta, Fresno Bee, and ABC Channel 30 news.

Raven Akasha is a printmaker who studied at Visalia’s College of the Sequoias and is a member of the COS Printworks printmaking crew.

Gerardo Alonzo is also a screen printer affiliated with the COS Printworks group.  The College of the Sequoias educated artist will be participating in Spanspek for the first time.

The amazing and talented Cecilia Carrillo (who also happens to…

Spanspek Spotlight 2016 - Sahab, K. Pizzle, Jalinche

What's up gente!? We just got back from appearing on Radio Bilingue's Todo a Pulmon! We played with Mariachi Sol de Oro! Maracas and guiro and shit. It was cool.  So we're like mariachi now, no big deal.

And with that, lets talk about some DJ's son! We got three dudes that know how to rock the ones and twos! First up, Fresno R&B experimentalist, SAHAB!
Known primarily for his genre defying indie R&B, Sahab has lately been dabbling in pure DJ synth manipulation.  He's also for the most part forgone performing live, preferring instead to broadcast sets via Facebook Live from the comfort of his mysterious lair. Though unusual, the move has given Sahab the freedom to experiment and improvise in an environment free from the constraints of the stage.  The results are fascinating, revealing a unique figure in the Central Valley scene. Sahab's performance at Spanspek will be one of the few occasions you can see the dude do his thing live.  Rest assured that it w…

Spanspek Spotlight 2016 - Sci-Fi Caper

GOOOOOOOOD MORNING EVERYBODY! It's 11:44pm as I write this and us Spanspek dudes have been hard at work getting everything ready for Spanspek 2016. It's fun, I just ate a blueberry muffin and I'm flying high! So lets get to it, no?

Next up for the Spotlight treatment is Fresno Friendcore Favorite and all around awesome band SCI-FI CAPER!!!
Here's what we had to say about the band and their latest LP (the excellent Star Stuff) back in June 2016:

In all of Friendcore there is no more beloved band than Sci-Fi Caper. The trio have remained perennial favorites in the scene and greater Fresno area due to their infectious power pop ditties. On their latest, the Beyonce-esque surprise album Star Stuff, the band delivers more of their finely crafted twee punk...

Songs like the energetic "So Stressed", hum along jubilantly at a lightening two minutes, revels in the anxieties that creep up once liquid crutches are left behind.  Pokemon cribbing "Baja Blastoise (What Ar…

Spanspek Spotlight 2016 - Beastmaker

Whaddup tho!? That's a thing I learned to say from Murs back when I was fun. Now I'm a dad and am lame. Let's do this!!!

Next up on our spotlight series is a little doom metal band hailing from the depths of Fresno. Give it up for BEASTMAKER!!! Here are some choice words from Doomed and Stonedabout the band and their last two albums:
Fresno, California’s BEASTMAKER made a huge splash in the heavy underground (particularly among doom metal and occult rock aficionados) in last summer, when they initially released their five-track mini LP You Must Sin (2015) online. The resulting groundswell of grass roots support around the world for their horror-infused Sabbath worship was truly impressive, marking them as a band to watch.
You Must Sin immediately earmarked the band as genuine members of the doom community with a visual and aural design that was unmistakable. The simple two color on black art work of the inimitable Vincent Price on the title track as the Abominable Dr. Phibes s…