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Spanspek Spotlight 2016 - Call Me James

Good morning folks! I'm writing this at night, half falling asleep, so it feels weird to wish ya'll a good morning.  And yet here we are! So lets get to it! Next up for our series of profiles is Visalia alt-pop band CALL ME JAMES!
Here's what Visalia Times-Delta writer Zachary Newcott had to say about the band back in February:

Shakespeare once wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

But he left out that it would also rock out just as hard.

Brendon Reese of the indie-rock band Call Me James does just that, and he continues to prove it with [every] performance.

Reese is most recognized as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the local indie-alternative rock group Sometime Yesterday, which continues to tour and record new music...

While Sometime Yesterday has been busy with the gigs that followed the release of their album “Audiophile” in May 2015, Reese has branched out by writing, recording, and performing his own songs under the alias of Call Me James.

The partic…

Spanspek Spotlight 2016 - Personal Computer

Hey babies que paso? Ugh, that was bad right? Well either way, welcome back to another edition of the Spanspek Spotlight! This one's a doozy cause it involves one of my favorite local acts performing today.  Give it up for time traveling synthpop duo PERSONAL COMPUTER!
Here's a bit about the fellas from their Facebook bio:

"Personal Computer is a Synth/Pop Duo From Central California. In early 2016 members William Ryan George and Raul Vasquez took a leap of faith and traded in their guitars for keyboards and computers.

After spending 6 months in a garage developing a sound, they've begun to present their work to a humble yet fervent following. Their self titled debut is out now for your enjoyment. Personal Computer is already hard at work on a full length record due out 2017."

To me, these guys sound like Daft Punk filtered through a John Hughes movie. Their music is instantly nostalgic and infinitely joyous. And those melodies son, they're absolutely banging! …

Spanspek Spotlight 2016 - Sagey

Hello! What's the word folks? Everything going ok?  Did you ask your crush out? Did you win the Olympics?  Did you like Suicide Squad? That's good, that's allllll good. But enough of all that! The 11th edition of the Spanspek Music and Arts Festival is a mere month away and we got some profiles to run!

That's right folks, if you've been wanting to learn about the bands and artists featuring at Spanspek this year, all you have to do is check out this here blog for the next few weeks or so.  We'll be posting about EVERYONE. To start things off, lets get into the music of self proclaimed Fresno boy band SAGEY!

Here's what the Sticks & Stones Mothership site had to say about the trio back in May 2016:
"SAGEY delivers heavy beats that melt the stage & make the audience go berserk. They’re a force to be reckoned with.

Brandon [Spain] is the face of the band, the rapper who drops gold bars at breakneck speed & has the stage presence of a Tasmanian dev…

Spanspek Micro-Album Reviews: Otis Reed / Brian Kenney Fresno / Brother Luke & the Comrades

In a long overdue effort to not be bad at my blog job (blob?), we're doing something a little different this time.  One blog post! Four awesome albums!  Four micro-album reviews! I ain't messing around vat@s! This post has been two months in the making sos lets gets downs tos businesses! VAMONOS! Otis Reed(Fresno, CA)
Otis King

Shits good!

Just kidding, these won't be that micro! When it comes to politically/socially conscious raps, Otis truly is King. Coupled with excellent production from the likes of K. Pizzle, Jukebawks, and Reed himself, the songs on Otis King tackle real world concerns such as families torn apart by incarceration ("Lil Men"), fatherhood ("Gram Fathers"), and cultural identity ("Black Washed").  A must listen, especially if you're a fan of the Grizzly City Boys crew.
Brian Kenney Fresno(Fresno, CA)
Further Adventures in Fresno(Bonghit Records)

The Frank Zappa of Fresno returns with another kaleidoscopic symphony of Fresc…

2016 Spanspek Music and Arts Festival Poster/Lineup/Fun Times!!!

Read it and weep hysterically folks! It's the poster for the 2016 Spanspek Music and Arts Festival!!!

We'll have individual posts soon about all the bands and DJs playing the fest.  In the meantime, check em' out at using the links below!

Dirty Limbs
Sci-Fi Caper
Personal Computer
Mariachi Sol de Oro
Call Me James

K. Pizzle

Alright folks, good day! I'm gonna watch some Stranger Things!