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New Albums - May 2016

Yo! I'm bad at writing blogs in a timely fashion! Here's all the stuff that was releaseD in May 2016, sans little blurbs because otherwise this shit is never gonna get posted! LISTEN TO IT ALL!
But first, we got a fundraiser show going on!  It'll be the debut performance from La NiƱa and Murdoc, reuniting for one night only!  More info here! DO IT!
Dos Mikeys(Fresno, CA) Too Much

Esem(Dinuba/Fresno, CA) Yung Looper

From Indian Lakes(Near Yosemite National Park, CA) Wanderer

Goreshack (Fresno, CA) Tombstone Tide

Jalinche(Orosi/Reedley/Fresno, CA) Taco Loops: beats, loops, grimes and tacos

Neon the Unknown (Fresno, CA) Dark Purple

RAD Music(Fresno, CA) RAD Sampler Fresno 2016

Skull Incision / Eli(Fresno, CA/England) Paradise

Sleepy Ghost Records(Fresno, CA) Sleepy Ghost Records Comp

Juelz White (Fresno, CA) A Bunch of Old Beats

Spanspek Album Review: Sci-Fi Caper - Star Stuff

Hey! I'm watching the NBA Finals and I may have pink eye! Neat! So let's talk about the new album from Fresno power pop jaggernauts SCI-FI CAPER! Sci-Fi Caper
Star Stuff
In all of Friendcore (i.e. that Fresno Chinatown scene that rose, died, and is seemingly rising again), there is no more beloved band than Sci-Fi Caper. The trio have remained perennial favorites in the scene and greater Fresno area due in large part to their infectious power pop ditties (though I imagine the unassuming radness of singer/bassist Emelia Guadarama and guitarist Samuel Lozano, plus drummer Jorge Guzman's shoes that are feet but still somehow shoes, have something to do with it as well). On their latest, the Beyonce-esque surprise album Star Stuff, the band delivers more of their finely crafted twee punk, but with an larger dose of melancholy.
Songs like the energetic "So Stressed", which hums along jubilantly at a lightening two minutes, revels in the anxieties that creep up once liq…

Spanspek Album Review: ESTO - Crudo

What's the word nerds!? I've been out of the game too long! So lets talk about the new collab from Dinuba/Reedley dudes ESTO! ESTO (Esem & Nesto)

I love it when talented dudes get together to make some good ass shit.  And make no mistake, the long in the making team up from up and coming beatmaker Nesto and battle rapper/DOOM disciple Esem is some GOOD ASS SHIT.  It's legit a match made in heaven, chock full of expertly crafted dusty samples and verbal heat.  It's easily my favorite hip hop record of the year so far.

That shouldn't be a surprise though, given this blogs unending enthusiasm for all things Esem. The wordsmith continues to enliven his rhymes with comedic insights into weight loss, pseudo-alcoholism, and 90's nostalgia. He pulls influences from old school Nintendo games, Blink 182, and even the Strokes, from which he cribs a bit of "12:51" on the laconic "Julian Grasablancas".  On "Babble", he raps, "Beer…