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New Albums - April 2016

What's the word folks! I missed the first Warriors/Thunder game and I'm sad but it's ok cause my wife's got cookies in the oven! Lesss go!
The Central Valley
A world-wide collective that bridges the gap between art and science through film (see the Central Valley specific episode here). Comp features contributions from Fresno bands the Babbling Crooks, Dirty Limbs, and Sleeve.

Dandelion Massacre/I Kill Cameron(Hanford/Fresno/Modesto/Sacramento, CA)
Gin, Cigarettes, and Summertime Sadness
Singer/Songwriter Phoebe Masteller-Defiance beefs up her traditionally ukulele-centric songs with some help from the Dandelion crew.  A match made in folk punk heaven.

Fiend/Endless Demise (Fresno, CA)
...and for what?split 7" Three songs amounting to literally two and a half minutes of hellish growling, jack hammer drumming, and apocalyptic guitar shredding.

Jalinche(Fresno, CA)
Taco Loops: Sounds of All Nations
The hardest working campesino in the Valley keeps the beats coming on…