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Spanspek Album Review: Cockamamie Jamie - Orca

Good evening folks! I was just listening to some K-Pop! It was something alright! What is life?
Anywho, our next review is a big one folks! Give it up for the sophomore release from Fresno rapper COCKAMAMIE JAMIE! Cockamamie Jamie

Cockamamie Jamie (AKA Jamie Nelson), the cantankerous rapper with a flair for the insane, has two certified classic albums under his belt: 2013's solo debut Survivor Series and the unbeatable Argyle Pimpin' LP with Argyle Pimps cohort Boney Beezly.  The latter album in particular is considered by the Spanspek Blog to be one of the best local records ever released. It's no wonder then that expectations were high for Nelson's sophomore album. While I personally feel like nothing could top those previous releases, there is a hellava lot to love on Orca.  It is by far Nelsons most ambitious and sprawling release to date.

Orca lays out every one of the multiple personalities rattling inside Nelsons addled mind. The love struck weirdo shines bri…

Spanspek Album Review: Beastmaker - Lusus Naturae

What's up folks! I'm staying up "late" tonight in an attempt to write two blogs in one week! Can it be done!? You'll only know if I succeed!

And with that, lets talk about the debut album from Fresno doom metal trio BEASTMAKER!
Lusus Naturae(Rise Above Records)

Though they've been on the scene in various incarnations for a number of years, it's only recently that Beastmaker has made some serious waves.  After releasing the You Must SinEP in 2015, the group was signed by London metal label Rise Above Records. The months that followed, full of shows and recording sessions, have resulted in one of the best and most self assured albums released so far this year.  This ain't no fluke y'all; Beastmaker is the real deal.

The groups main stock in trade is deliberate, meaty rock songs with a heavy dose of horror movie chic. Album opener "Clouds In the Sky" begins with ominous church bells that lead into pummeling riffage and Ozzy Osbourn…

New Albums - March 2016

Hey folks, what's the word?! I'm watching PBS! Some hipster version of Bon Ross is on and he's in Portland. And that's all I got! Lets get to it with some local March madness releases!
Deathwound(Lemoore/Dinuba/Orosi, CA)
Space Cadet Chilly beats with a warm center from (and he would hate that I say this) a truly original talent of the Cutler-Orosi area. Also known as Johnny Lucatero, the alt/post-punk/metal guitarist makes idiosyncratic beats at an astonishing clip. Space Cadet is one of his most enjoyable releases to date, bringing back the distinct melodiousness that was his bread and butter back in the day (see his work in seminal Orosi post-punk band Bored Ave.)  Good to see you still getting shit done man! GFSP(Fresno, CA)
The perfect soundtrack for the hardcore bumping, Guy Fieri obsessed loved ones in your life.

John Haley / Mike Flores(Fresno, CA/ Bremerton, WA)
s/t split(Sleepy Ghost Records)
The debut release from Mike Flores' upstart Fresno based DIY lab…