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Spanspek Album Review: TSON // Thom Khat - Viaticum

Procrastination folks, it's the worst! This was supposed to be done by Friday! Shame! So anywho, lets get some work done! Here's our review of the new album from Waterbox Inc. members TSON & Thom Khat! TSON // Thom Khat(Fresno, CA) Viaticum
Cynical songs for angry folk rocking semi-meditative beats with their black coffee. To me this describes the output of Fresno's Waterbox Inc. to a tee.  The latest from two members of the collective is no different.  The 8 song collaboration between rapper Thom Khat and producer TSON (Waterbox's equivalent to Wu-Tang's RZA) brings the [existential] pain.
On Viaticum, the general character of TSON's tracks are black and mysterious, layered with inviting blips and oscillations. It's has the character of an astronaut, floating, lost in space, soothed by the endless array of stars above and below.  Thom Khat similarly focuses on the darkness.  Death is never far from his mind, being likened to a break up on the Jacque Bab…

New Singles - March 2016

Trump sucks. New singles. LETS GO!

Nae Alma(Fresno, CA)
"The Plug"
If you're in the Central Valley and need someone to sing a hook for you, Nae Alma is the one you call. Her warm and confident vocals are nourishing to the soul. A unique talent that deserves to be heard.

Bat the Baptist(Fresno, CA)
The latest solo project from the Light Thieves/Natural Thrills/Actress multi-instrumentalist. An intriguing mix of R&B crooning, indie electronica, and good old fashioned guitar noodling.

Stoneshiver(Fresno, CA) "Easy" Earnest hard rock from the recently reunited quartet. Their new album, Take the Stage, is due out on iTunes March 18th, 2016. Orrrr just get a physical copy at their album release show at Strummers!
TRAF(Visalia, CA/Stockholm, Sweden)
"Fatal Future"
Also recently reunited, the four boys from "Sweden" return to reign havoc on the unsuspecting masses.

*** Alright, alright, alright! Some good stuff to listen to on your drive to work! We&…

New Albums - February 2016

Damn, we were doing pretty good there for a while before I took that unexpected three week break! Nimodo gueys, here's a grip load of new local music to win back your hearts! DO IT!

The Babbling Crooks(Fresno, CA) Crooked Teeth and Broken Smiles
Inspired guitar work from Tyrannosaurus Zebra's Ralee Drennon makes the debut from the Babbling Crooks an intriguing curiosity. Opening track "5000 Forgotten Paths" in particular is a fun listen.

Between the Cities Are Stars(Fresno, CA)
Good ass shoegaze for peeps who like their eardrums obliterated, featuring drummer and Fresno expatriate Eli Reyes!

The Blue(Fresno, CA)
Under the Weather (Available at shows)
The first album in 35 years from the legendary Fresno band. A blast from the past in the best way possible.

Born Betty(Fresno, CA)
s/t (Available at shows)
Alt rock quartet with a dose of pop punk.

Cease (Fresno, CA) Unfold
Uncompromising hardcore from the hell fires of the Central Valley. You're mom will love it!