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Spanspek Album Review: Meet Me In Montauk - Dork Soul

Good morning folks! Today I write to you from home because everyone is sick! It's no fun. Send provisions to Spanspek Headquarters stat!

So while everyone recovers lets talk a bit about the sophomore effort from Fresno emo band MEET ME IN MONTAUK!
Meet Me In Montauk
Dork Soul

I feel like within certain circles, Meet Me In Montauk is the biggest band operating in the Valley to date. And there's good reason for that. The bands shouted anthems, replete with byzantine detail and overflowing with emotion, speak directly to those tumultuous first years of early adulthood. The "youngins" know a good thing when they see one.

And make no mistake, the follow up to 2015's where the grass meets the pavement is more of a good thing. The songs continue to be ornate, but never turn into long ass slogs. "Torcher Myself" begins sadly, picked electric guitars underlying fervent vocals, only to suddenly transform into bouncy pop, and back again. It's intense, but the co…

An Open Letter to Grizzly Fest

Dear Grizzly Fest,
Good morning! I hope this blog post finds you doing well. Congrats on booking Slightly Stoopid and Cold War Kids! Grizzly Fest 2016 is looking like it's going to be pretty damn good!

Word on the street is you're looking for some local acts to book on this years lineup. Well we here at the Spanspek Festival think that's great! There's a ton of amazing music makers operating in the Valley right now and the fact that you're taking the time to make space for them on your lineup is the shit! So with that in mind, here's five bands we think you should definitely consider for Grizzly Fest 2016!
Genre: Roc en espanol/punk/ska

Basura is much beloved in Fresno, and with good reason.  They've been around since 1996 and have never ceased to entertain with their mix of old school punk riffs and ska by way of banda style horns.  The bands energy can infect even the most timid of crowds.  But then again, how could you not dance along to their music, w…

Spanspek Album Review: Dirty Limbs/Evelyn Split 7 inch

Good afternoon folks! I'm super late on this post so lets get to it! Take a listen to the new split from Visalia's EVELYN, and Fresno's DIRTY LIMBS!
Dirty Limbs/Evelyn
Split 7 inch (Manor House Recordings)

The debut release from upstart local music label Manor House Recordings packs quite the punch folks. The 7 inch vinyl features four tracks of surf punk goodness from an old school favorite and a new school prodigy.
Longtime Visalia band Evelyn (which includes Manor House label heard Marc Dwelle on vox/guitar) provides tunage with some satisfying crunch, as in the body movin’ “Heir Apparent”.  And on “Future Primitive”, Dwelle’s falsetto compliments a ripping solo, all set to swinging punk grooves.  It’s good for your illegal underground sock hop man.
And as for da Limbs, this split continues their streak of releasing nothing but gooooood shit. This group is officially my new favorite local band.  Every. Song. Rips.  I think “Sweet Vicious” may be the only love song that y…