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New Albums - January 2016

Check out the new new folks. Pablo Escobar is still a dick.
Collecto (Los Angeles/Fresno, CA) Training Grounds
The first official album from DJ/robot Collecto highlights a slightly more subdued side to the big beat enthusiast.
Phat Paisa (Esem & Jalinche) (Orosi/Dinuba/Fresno, CA) Drunken Sounds Vol. 1(Haus of Skillz) As advertised, drunken freestyle raps from one of the Valley's preeminent battle rappers.  With another collaboration in the works with DJ Nesto, Esem is positioning himself to be the next MF DOOM.
Jalinche(Orosi/Fresno, CA) tacoloops. sound perception
Jalinche be busting out "tacos con todo", mixing everything from Chicano war cries to Mars Volta break downs. Es muuuuuuuy sabroso.
MC Wicks (Fresno, CA) Steady Stylin'
Fresno's heavyweight hustler brings in a murderers row of producers (Jukebawks, K. Pizzle, Left Coast) to soundtrack his sordid antics. Trash Planet (Visalia, CA) Dead Dog Park
Irradiated folk punk that sounds like it was recorded over a land…

New Singles - January 2016

Yo! Hope you all are doing well! I'm here getting ready to watch some Narcos on Netflix! Pablo Escobar is a dick!

And with that lets take a look at some of the new new from some new groups and old favorites!
Cockamamie Jamie, ft. Boney Beezly (Fresno, CA) "Smooth Titties" from the upcoming Orca.
The Argyle Pimps return on a track that is the epitome of smooth. If everything on Orca is as good as this, then we're all in for some good times in 2016.

The Eros (Dinuba, CA)
"Happy Me, Lucky You"
Effervescent alt pop from the former drummer of Francis Ward, with a trippy music video to boot!

Hayashi (Fresno, CA)
"Mine" from the upcoming Hayashi.
Formerly known as Clouded Vision, Kevin Hayashi makes his solo debut with this heartfelt tune.
Meet Me In Montauk (Fresno, CA) "Fuck You Song" from the upcoming Dork Soul.
Never has being told to fuck off sounded so delightful!

EsemNesto (Dinuba/Reedley, CA)
"Babble" Funky collab shit from some…

Spanspek Album Review: Artesia - Walkalina Vol. 1

Morning folks! I'm watching Casino Royale at the moment. VERY GOOD MOVIE. Segue. Lets talk about the debut EP from Reedley alt band ARTESIA!
Walkalina Vol. 1

I remember when I started out playing in bands. It was about 1996 and I feel pretty confident in saying that we weren't very good (though my ego wants to say otherwise). I feel like this is true of most bands starting out. It's a right of passage. First you suck, then you slooooowly get good.  So it's refreshing (and slightly maddening) that the young musicians in Artesia have made an EP that not only shows a lot of promise, but is pretty good to boot!

On Walkalina Artesia show that they took everything they love from 90's era rock bands but decided that all that angst shit just wasn't for them. Tracks like the ambling "El Conquistador" exude an easy confidence.  "Lulu" hits with a grungy crunch while centerpiece "Princess" is the groups take on the Red Hot Chili Peppers…

Spanspek Album Review: Ersatz Splynter - Lalochezia

Good morning folks! It's a brand new year so what better way to start off 2016 than reviewing something that was released at the ass end of 2015!  Take a listen to the new album from Fresno by way of Dinuba rapper and Roach Collection member ERSATZ SPLYNTER!
Ersatz Splynter
Lalochezia(Fake Four Inc.)

On his Fake Four debut Ersatz Splynter, the multi talented secret weapon of the Roach Collection collective, puts his many abilities on display in a depressive vegan manifesto that is pretty damn good. The excellent Myka 9 and Awok collab "Grub!" is the most convincing ode to healthy eating I've ever heard in my life. Weight Watchers should license it it's so catchy, And on the monolithic "I Might Know How You Feel", Splynter pens what may be the best and only hype song for the mentally ill. On the track, Splynter intones "If your mom can't remember who the fuck you are, and your dad's too drunk to care, put your hands in the air. Wave them like …