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Spanspek's Favorite Music of 2015 - Local Albums

This is it folks! Our look back on the music of 2015 concludes with our list of favorite local albums! Nothing much to say before we get into the nitty gritty other than there was a lot of good shit this year! In fact the Top 10 includes a fair number of debut albums from new bands.  I think this can be considered a pretty good indicator of the continued vitality of the Fresno/Tulare County scenes. It's all happening! O.k, here's our Top 10, which five more albums thrown in for good measure!

Dependence (Fresno, CA) Holding On When Moving On(InVogue Records)

The Gospel Whiskey Runners (Visalia, CA)
Know Your Enemy(Romanced Records)

Kooleidoscope (Sanger/Fresno, CA)

Otis Reed (Fresno, CA)
The Mind Activation of Otis Reed

Amoret (Fresno, CA)

10. White Glove Service (Fresno, CA) Nonstop Call it a personal flaw of the deepest degree, but I generally can't stand reggae music. Sure there's always that Bob Marley outlier that has some great tunes, but those k…

Spanspek's Favorite Music of 2015 - Local Singles

Alllllllllright, it's Thursday and that means it's all locals from here on out! These are my favorite blogs to write because local music is fun!  It brings musicians together!

Ok, so here's the lowdown on how we do things here: tomorrow we'll discuss all our favorite local albums of the year. It's gonna be great! Today we're gonna go over our favorite singles of 2015.  This list typically excludes any album that appears in our favorite local albums list. That way, we get to talk about as many local bands as possible! Fresno and Tulare counties are home to a pretty big scene and it deserves your attention!  So turn up your reading glasses, raise a glass of milk, and get ready to munch on some great local tunes!

Amoret (Fresno, CA) "Horizon" HRZN
The alt/pop quartet Amoret soared on it's latest EP.  Featuring a sound reminiscent of Metric and Florence and the Machine, the bands gigantic grooves strike straight at the heart. Make no mistake, Amoret is…

Spanspek's Favorite Music of 2015 - National/International Releases

Good morning people of Middle Earth! Hope you're having a good morning!  For those of you that aren't familiar with us Spanspek dudes, let me give you some deets!  This here operation is run by Israel Flores and myself (Cristobal Carrillo).  We're two local musicians (see Werebear, Macondo) that help put on the Spanspek Music and Arts Festival in Orosi, CA.  The event promotes local music and art, and helps fund high school scholarships.  Basically, we love music man! 

So here's the sitch for the rest of the week.  Izzo and myself will be sharing lists of our fave music of 2015.  Today we'll be talking about national/international shit, while Thursday and Sunday will be all about local music.  We'll also be culminating the week with an end of the year podcast!  It's fun, it's informative, and you can share all the content with your family during the holidays.  It's a great way to bring everyone together!

Alright! So lets get to our list of favorit…

Spanspek's Favorite Music of 2015 - Joshua Tehee

Our look back on the music of 2015 continues with a great favorites list from Fresno Bee writer, Flowing With Famous podcast host, and It'll Grow Back frontman JOSHUA TEHEE!
The nationals (in no order)
Skeletons(Nuclear Blast Entertainment)
The long awaited covers album. Whether you think its genius or garbage (and the reviews are split) depends heavily on your love Glen Danzig (and also pitch harmonics). It is an odd record and a bit of a "fuck you I'll do what I want" to everyone but his fans. 
His fans will love it.
Bleeder (Sargent House) Mutoidman in the collaborative metal band from guitarist Stephen Brodsky (Cave In) and  Ben Koller (Converge). I am reminded of "Screaming Life" era Soundgarden, though somewhat more technical and refined? 
Slim Bone Head Volt
Vol. 1 (Buddhabug Records) The most anticipated album of 2015 for me was this jazz-punk spoken word project from Vincent D'Onofrio (yes, thatVincent D'Onofrio). Fourteen tr…

Spanspek's Favorite Music of 2015 - Aaron Gomes

Que dicen gueys?!  Enjoying your egg nog and cookies?  After a long  year celebrating our 10th anniversary, we here at Spanspek Headquarters are more than ready to partake in all the holiday festivities.  But before all that we'll be looking back on our favorite music of the past year.  It's super tight y'all.  And like we did last year, we've asked a few of our friends to help us out! So warm up your eyeballs and take a read of our first guest blog from Sound N Vision Foundation's own AARON GOMES!
I will forever remember 2015 as the year my son and I started diving deeper into vinyl.  Most of our purchases were jazz-based, but here are a few 2015-released records that were spun pretty consistently around the house.

The Universe Smiles Upon You(Late Night Tales)
This was hands down the record we spun the most at my house in 2015.  If I was drawing or painting, sending emails, or just chillin', this record always made for the perfect soundtrack.  The …

Blues/Country/Adult Contemporary Releases: January - November 2015

I got one week to post about all the albums I've missed this year!  This is some real ass Pokemon type shit!  Lets do this! Here's all the Blues/Country/Adult Contemporary releases that we missed this year! Lance Canales & the Flood(Fresno, CA)
The Blessing and the Curse(Music Road Records)
John Clifton Blues Band(Fresno, CA)
Let Yourself Go(Rip Cat Records)
The Gospel Whiskey Runners(Visalia, CA) Know Your Enemy(Romanced Records)
Mehrten Drive(Visalia, CA)
Matt Thomas(Visalia, CA)
Sunrise to Sunset
The Suppressors(Fresno, CA)
Setting It Straight(Crowd Control Media)