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Metal Releases: January - November 2015

METAL. Nothing says it's the holiday season like the Devil's music, right?  So why not sit back, sacrifice a baby, and listen to some of the metal music released over the year! Beastmaker (Fresno, CA)
You Must Sin(Rise Above Records)
Days Under Authority(Fresno, CA)
Days Under Authority
Keeper(Fresno, CA)
The Space Between Your Teeth(Crown and Throne Ltd.)

Keeper / Old Witch(Fresno, CA)
Keeper / Old Witch Split(CVLT Nation / Grimoire Cassette Cvlture)
Map the Universe(Fresno, CA)
Map the Universe
Perception(Clovis, CA)
While You Were Away
Reminitions(Visalia, CA)
Dead Life
When All Is Conquered(Sanger, CA)
When All Is Said And Done

Indie & Alternative Releases: January - November 2015

It's time for the next edition of the "Spanspek Clearinghouse of Local Releases" or "Here's All the Stuff That Was Released in 2015 That We Weren't Able to Get To: Alternative/Indie Edition."  LISTEN TO IT ALL!!! The 45's (Modesto, CA) String Along​/​California Aire Espacial(Fresno, CA) Figuras Cosmicas Califunions(Fresno, CA)
Free Costco Samples Winner of the best album title of 2015. Califunions(Fresno, CA)
Death on an Ant Farm Chyna(Fresno, CA) Live at Frank's Place Clatterbox(Fresno, CA) School Spirit! Ghost Meat(Fresno, CA) Father, Son, & Holy Ghost Meat Judah(Fresno, CA) Judah
Le Wolves(Fresno, CA) Welcome to Milf Mountain
Philophobia(Fresno, CA)
All the Beauty Left Sleeve(Fresno, CA) Goose Gets Strangled By Lubricated Shaved Bigfoot: A Live Album Winner of the longest local album title by a mile. Stateless(Fresno, CA) Accepting Defeat
Taking Pride(Fresno, CA) Taking Pride
We Killed the King(Fresno, CA) Chantek
White Glove Service(Fresno, CA)

Punk & Hardcore Releases: January - November 2015

Hey! How goes it?! We've been going for a bit, but we're looking to end the year strong! So get ready for the "Spanspek Clearinghouse of Local Releases" or "Here's All the Stuff That Was Released in 2015 That We Weren't Able to Get To: Punk & Hardcore Edition".  Here we go!
Cabin Fire(Fresno, CA)
Salt River
Chokeslam (Fresno, CA)
No Way to Cope
Dependence(Fresno, CA)
Holding On When Moving On(InVogue Records)
Reunion(Fresno, CA)
True Values