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Thank Yous 2015!

Well that was pretty fun right? 10 years man and it's still a thrill when everyone congregates in Orosi for some badass local music and art!  It's truly amazing.

But before we go back to our routine of album reviews and podcasts, we wanted to take some time to thank all the fine people that helped make Spanspek 2015 a success!

-First and foremost, thanks to all the people who attended this year!  Your good vibes and appreciation keeps us going year after year.

-Thanks to Lance Canales & the Flood, Light Thieves, Tokyo Death March, Kooleidoscope & the Roach Collection, Basura, Waterbox Inc., St. X, The Gilligans, Jukebawks, Green Giant, & Nesto!  You all put on great performances and we're excited to work with y'all again in the future!

-Thanks to Teresa Flores, Mychal Alva, Laura May, Carlos Lujan, College of the Sequoias Printworks, Bob Pero, Carlos Cisneros, Jermz Woodard, Christina Galang, Sloppy Stitches, Andrea Torres, Jose Guadalupe Garcia, Cecilia C…

Spanspek 2015 Guide!!!

Alright folks, it's just about time for all of us to congregate in Orosi to party our eyes out.  Here's everything you need to know about tomorrow nights festivities!
Spanspek Music and Arts Festival Saturday, October 24th, 2015 Orosi Memorial Hall, 41645 Road 128, Orosi CA 93618 $5 cover at the door / All ages / 5:30pm
Craft beer for 21+ Facebook Event Page

The Gilligans
Waterbox Inc.
Kooleidoscope + the Roach Collection
Light Thieves
St. X
Lance Canales & the Flood
Tokyo Death March
Green Giant
Abigail Janzen (Fresno, CA)
Mychal Alva (Visalia, CA)
Carlos Cisneros (Fresno, CA)
Robert Chavez (Fresno, CA)
Cecilia Carrillo (Los Angeles/Orosi, CA)
Teresa Flores (Los Angeles/Fresno, CA) Christina Galang (Orosi, CA)
Carlos Lujan (Fresno, CA)
Laura May (Fresno, CA)
Robert Pero (Fresno, CA)
Carmen Solis (Fresno, CA)
Andrea Torres (Fresno, CA) COS Print Works (Visalia, CA) David Herrera (Visalia, CA) Jermz Woodard (Visalia, CA) Jose Guadalupe Garcia…

Spanspek 2015 - The Artists

Que tal folks?!  It's time for the annual GIGANTIC ARTISTS POST!  Settle in and get ready to read up on all the artists participating at this years festival!
Mychal Alva (Visalia, CA)
Mychal Alva is a mixed media artist and DJ (under the moniker Low Key) active in the Central Valley and Bay Area.

Cecilia Carrillo (Los Angeles/Orosi, CA)
Cecilia Carrillo is a longtime Spanspek volunteer who creates interactive art areas for children and adults alike.  When not helping with Spanspek Carrillo works as an instructor for The Growing Place in Los Angeles.

Robert Chavez (Fresno, CA)
A self described "nerdy retro ass 80's junkie", Robert Chavez draws pop culture fantasies, using everything from Star Wars to WWF wrestlers as inspiration.

Carlos A. Cisneros (Fresno, CA)
Carlos A. Cisneros is a freelance artist raised in the Central Valley of California. Main works include two dimensional mixed media art.

College of the Sequoias Printworks (Visalia, CA)
COS Printwoks is a club of a…

Spanspek Spotlight: Tokyo Death March

Dudes! If you're able to travel back in time, head on over to Downtown Visalia check out the Spanspek booth for Taste the Arts!  Then kill Hitler, as any time traveler worth their salt knows.

Next up is the final band of our Spotlight Series!  Let us reintroduce you to Reedley instrumental quartet TOKYO DEATH MARCH!
Look at how young they are in that picture!  Cute ass dudes!  One of the last times I saw the "galaxy paisa" prog rock group Tokyo Death March was in 2011 at Visalia's Cellar Door.  I remember the show well because the bands set was one of the best I'd ever seen from the group.  They expertly performed their instrumental raza cacophonies while an old black and white Mexican movie played on a screen in the background.  It' was mesmerizing.  I also remember the show because by the end of the night the band had managed to get themselves banned from the venue for life.  It was quite the night!  
This group was a big part of Spanspek in its early days…

Spanspek Spotlight: Lance Canales & the Flood

What's up! The blog was out of commission for a bit cause of the common cold, but no worries cause we be back now!  Lets starts things off with roots rock band LANCE CANALES & THE FLOOD!
Here's a bit about the group as written by Eugene S. Robinson for

Anyone wired into pop culture can’t escape the lust for authenticity that fires both a distaste for alleged studio creations like Lana Del Rey and outright misrepresenters like Milli Vanilli...Good thing that California-born and bred musician Lance Canales and his band The Flood wouldn’t know where to start if they were trying to fake it. Emerging from California’s Central Valley, mired as it is in farms, farm politics and the business of getting up at dawn and working the fields, their music is a rough-hewn amalgam of Americana, blues, folk and rock, bashed out on old instruments...

Canales is the descendant of cowboys, farmworkers and horse trainers; he trained wild horses as a kid. “We originally came from South Te…

Spanspek Spotlight: Light Thieves

Good morning everyone! I'm watching Rick Steves right now, the nerdiest world traveler since.....actually I'm watching a new episode and he seems to have gotten control of his hair.  Good for you Rick Steves!

Next up for our Spanspek Spotlight, a band that needs no introduction.  Lets get to know Fresno quartet LIGHT THIEVES!
Here's a bit about the group, as listed on their website:

Between the heavy and jarring rhythms, pop inspired melodies and textural soundscapes, Light Thieves present to you a sound that allows you to lose yourself in the moment, all the while realizing that you’ve been dancing the whole time.

The four-piece group hails from Fresno, California and is quickly gaining a reputation for high energy live performances with a unique, often difficult to categorize “groovy” sound.  The bands frequent touring schedule has made them no stranger across California and the greater Pacific Northwest.

Light Thieves released their first LP in 2013, titled Spirit Homes. The…

Spanspek Spotlight: Kooleidoscope + the Roach Collection

Good morning folks!  I'm eating Lucky Charms as I type this.  Cereal is a big part of my life.

But enough of all that, lets get to our next Spanspek Spotlight! This time around we'll be learning a lil' bit about Sanger rapper/producer KOOLEIDOSCOPE!
Here's a bit about Kooleidoscope, as written by Fresno Bee reporterJoshua Tehee for his "Artist You Should Know" series:

Ronnie Taylor didn’t start off in hip-hop. The 25-year old emcee started as a drummer and sound engineer. She didn’t rap. She recorded rappers, though the experience inspired her current work under the moniker Kooleidoscope.  The indie hip-hop emcee has made a splash on the local scene with an electrifying set at this year’s Catacomb Party music festival and opening slots for everyone from Andre Nickatina to Smif N Wessun.
Her production work (both on her own tracks and working for others) is marked by its simplicity.  “I don’t try to act like I’m an amazing producer who does all this crazy stuff,” …