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Spanspek Spotlight: St. X

Pues que pues guey?! How's it going everyone!?  We are less than a month away from Spanspek! This is nuts! I'm getting nervous just thinking about it!

So lets distract my delicate psyche by writing about the wonderful Fresno indie band ST. X!
Here's what we had to say about the group a few months back while reviewing their excellent self-titled debut:

After doing time with Still Stoked and solo project Dovves, singer/guitarist Jemimah Barba has come into her own with the jangly alt rock outfit St. X.  Barba's strong and sultry voice blends perfectly with the summery tunes....Basically folks, you're looking at the Valley's version of Best Coast. St. X is bringing the beach to this drought stricken land of ours, and we couldn't be happier.

All that stuff you just read; IT'S STILL TRUE.  These are a talented group of folks that have been gracing the stages of pretty much every local festival this summer because they rock man! We're delighted to have St.…

Spanspek Album Review: Satellite Era - The Demos

Hello! I hope this bloggo finds you doing well.  It's Spanspek season, so there ain't so much time for reviews, but I really wanted to write about this particular album, so lets get to it! Take a listen to the debut live album from Mendota post punk quartet SATELLITE ERA!
Satellite Era
The Demos

When it comes right down to it, what do you really need to make song?  What are the most basic ingredients that turn chaos into sublimity?  I think about this a lot, form and function and all that rot.  I mean, it's not like every badass song in the universe needs to be built like Bohemian Rhapsody, right?  This is what draws me to Satellite Era; they've got it all figured out man.  Verse/Chorus/Verse filled with four on the floor beats, impressionistic guitars, precise driven bass, and melodies that spin light from darkness.  It's a simple combination with results that are extremely effective.

Take for example the excellent "New Age", a two minute perfectly construct…

Spanspek Spotlight: Waterbox Inc.

Good morning everybody! It's late as I write this and there's too many things to do and a whole lot of sleep to be had!  So lets get to it!

Next up in our spotlight series is Fresno progressive hip hop act WATERBOX INC.!
Here's what the fine folks at What Iz music site wrote about the group in a 2015 interview:

"For those that don’t know, Central California in the last ten years has flourished with Hip-Hop activity and is quickly becoming known as a prime Hip-Hop pitstop for just about anybody that has a record out. With all the different styles making their mark throughout the city one group in particular caught our attention that you may not be familiar with but should definitely be on the watch for. [That group] is Hip Hop collective Waterbox Inc. The crew features multiple emcees, multiple instrumentalists, and a producer/drummer providing the canvases for the group to experiment with. Their unique blend of sounds and influences is evident on their new E.P. "Di…

Spanspek Spotlight: The Gilligans

Good morning! How goes it! I'm writing this while running a yard sale so if I insert pictures of the bowling ball I'm trying to sell I apologize.  Unless you want to buy it, in which case it's yours for $2!

Anywho, this post starts off our profiles of all the bands and artist featured at this years Spanspek Music and Arts Festival! First up is Porterville punk band THE GILLIGANS!
Here's a bit about the band from blogger Zach Delray:

"Hailing from the guts of the Golden State this rock n roll three piece sounds as if they just broke out of a drive-in movie theater where the only means of survival was fast cars, fast women, comic books, spy films, and UFO technology. They very well may be the bastard love child of Dee Dee Ramone and Glenn Danzig....unchained and on the loose."

Folks, the Gilligans are gonna get heads a boppin' and bodies a movin' and shoes a groovin' and butts a poopin!  That last one is scientifically accurate, given enough time.
For mo…

Spanspek Music and Arts Festival 2015 - Official Lineup

Mark your calendars folks, the 10TH EDITION of the Spanspek Music and Arts Festival is returning to the Orosi Memorial Hall Saturday October 24th in lovely Orosi, CA!!!  Join us for a night of local music, art, and shenanigans!  It's gonna be tight.  BANDA MACHOS TIGHT.

Stay tuned to for details, updates, and Mexican banda references.  DO IT!

Spanspek Fundraiser Show - September 11, 2015

Good afternoon! Here's all the info for tonights fundraiser show at Peeve's Pub! Hope to see you there!
Satellite Era(Mendota, CA)
Genre: Post punk
Bio: "Locally grown and cultivated. We create simplistic melodic sounds coexisting with drum & bass."
*** Lezayr(Fresno, CA)
Genre: Roc en EspaƱol/Alternative
Bio: There is no doubt that music has been positively influenced by the rich Latin-American culture. The mix of distorted rock guitars and Latin rhythms have created a unique style of music. Lezayr's music is somewhat the result of this mix. Different musical influences, styles and genres, all meeting in the same place.
Latest Release: Break the Chains

*** Iwanaga (Fresno, CA)
Genre: Ska
Bio: Iwanaga! (pronounced “e-wa-nah-gah”) is a six member ska band that formed in 2008 in the wasteland Fresno, CA that is known for stirring up a lot of commotion in the local music scene. Iwanaga has toured up and down California and has opened up for many touring bands like The …