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Spanspek Album Review: Dirty Limbs - Blood Operator

There's too many things to watch on TV man! I can't decide between the last few episodes of Community or the new episodes of Orange Is the New Black! S'pretty cool.

Let's take a listen to the new EP from Fresno surf punk band DIRTY LIMBS!
Dirty Limbs (Fresno, CA)
Blood Operator (Kerchow Records)

Surf punk band Dirty Limbs frees itself from the demands of it's oft mentioned genre trope on the amazing Blood Operator EP.  There's an added bit of lushness to the songs, as if guitarist and lead singer Jonathan Ekparian-Hadden had been listening to Debussy for inspiration.  It' makes for a fuller, more vibrant experience.  I'd like to think Blood Operator is what Interpol would sound like if they didn't have gigantic poles stuck up their exquisitely tailored asses.

Two of the albums six tracks where released over seven months ago (the blistering "Blood Operator" and isolationist singalong "The Woods").  Both are amazing tracks whose prom…

Spanspek Album Review: St. X - St. X

Everyone at Spanspek Headquarters is sleeping except for me.  LETS DO THIS! I wrote those last few sentences almost two weeks ago.  LETS DO THIS AGAIN!

Give it up for the debut album from Fresno quartet ST. X!
St. X
St. X

After doing time with Still Stoked and solo project Dovves, singer/guitarist Jemimah Barba has come into her own with the jangly alt rock outfit St. X (great band name by the way!). Barba's strong and sultry voice blends perfectly with the summery tunes.

Favorite track "Midnight Sun" sours, aided by guitarist Cole Elliot's melodious leads, which are so tuneful they function almost as another vocalist. Closer "Downside" is all fast paced action and syncopation, followed by a full on DOUBLE SOLO.  Well more like two lead parts, but the effect is still pretty cool. Every track on the album is a winner, cultivating an ethereal mood that nonetheless packs a pretty good punch.

Basically folks, you're looking at the Valley's version of Best…