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New Singles: March/April 2015

Folks! It's been forever! Well that ends now! Cause my son just napped for three freaking hours! New singles yo!

Austeros en el Exilio(Dinuba, CA)

City of Skies (Fowler/Reedley/Fresno, CA)
"Avenue 200"
City of Skies is in the midst of competing in the Warped Tour Battle of the Bands! Go to the link and give them a vote!

Cockamamie Jamie (Fresno, CA)

Dandelion Massacre (Modesto, CA)
"Pretty Little Flowers"
Old Friends - A Driftwood Records Sampler
<a href="">2015 Winter Sampler by Dandelion Massacre</a>

E. Rose (Fresno, CA)
"The Jester"
<a href="">The Jester by E.ROSE</a>

Sharks of Dance (Fresno, CA)
"Snapchat Mistress"
"Bill O'Reilly's Wet Dream"

Static Cadets (Fresno, CA)