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Spanspek Album Review: Fashawn - The Ecology

Folks! Summer is on the way! It's all very exciting! I have three dogs!

But enough with all that! Check out the sophmore album from Fresno's favorite son FASHAWN!
Fashawn(Fresno, CA)
The Ecology(Mass Appeal)

With an LP that is self-assured and satisfying, Fashawn enters the major leagues ready to perform. After being signed to Nas' (yes Esco himself) Mass Appeal label, Fashawn radiates confidence.  And that confidence shows on The Ecology, an album chock full of songs ripe for radio play.

Mid tempo bangers from a gaggle of amazing producers (Exile, The Alchemist, DJ Khalil) permeate the entire album.  The beats are great (especially album favorite "F.T.W."), but it's Fashawn that gives the album it's beating heart.  On "Higher", the lyricist details the daunting task of balancing family with a successful career in music.  And on "Mother" Fashawn shares the history of his tumultuous relationship with his mother, which while fraught with t…

New Releases - January/February/March 2015

What's the haps folks!?  Three months have gone by and apparently EVERYONE is releasing new shit! It's not even summer yet for petes sake! Anywho, if you've been looking for something new to stick into your ears, look no further!

Anthony Polanco (Dinuba/Fresno, CA)
The Journeyman Years Mixtape
Genre: Pop/Rock
Jacque Babb(Fresno, CA/Seattle, WA)
Part Two: Meaningless Little Things
Genre: Folk/Indie
Cabin Fire (Fresno, CA)
Homie Fest Split
Genre: Punk/Skramz/Hardcore
Cease (Fresno, CA)
Demo 2015
Genre: Metal/Punk/Hardcore
Fiend(Fresno, CA)
Split 7" w/ Dead Issue
Genre: Punk/Grind/Crust
Faded xAxFx(Fresno, CA)
Genre: Punk/Hardcore/Sludge
Meet Me In Montauk (Fresno, CA)
Where the Grass Meets the Pavement
Genre: Emo/Punk/Alternative
Out of Step (Visalia, CA)
More Than A Joke
Genre: Ska/Punk
Otis Reed (Fresno, CA)
The Mind Activation of Otis Reed
Genre: Hip Hop
Saturn Descends(Visalia, CA)
To Burn
Genre: Metal
Sherpa (Kingsburg, CA)
Dance Sherpa
Genre: Electronic/Experimental

New Singles - January/February/March 2015

Hello folks!  Good news! I've got a new roommate! He has no control over his bodily functions, is less than a month old, and is suuuuuuper adorable.  He also happens to be my son, so as soon as he learns a few words you'll start seeing some of his blog posts on here.

In the meantime, here are some new singles from a bunch of Valley bands! Get on it!

Catharsus (Visalia, CA)
"Sinedie Sufferance"

Limits(Reedley/Fresno, CA)
"Consume & Destroy"

Midwest Moms (Fresno, CA)
Skeletons by Midwest Moms
Sounds & Sciences(Dinuba/Fresno, CA)
"Immortal Palace" and "Day/Nights"
From the upcoming album Provenance Pt. 1

St. X (Fresno, CA)
"Machu Picchu"Machu Picchu (demo) by St. X