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Beat Tape Releases - January/February 2015

Awww yeah, two blogs in a row! Getting. Shit. Done.  Lets celebrate by checking out some excellent tunage from some of the Valley's best beat makers! DO IT SON!

K. Pizzle (Fresno, CA)
Favorite Track - "Oh You Like 40'Z"
Shon J (Fresno, CA) Optimistic Favorite Track - "Herbal Relaxation-A Smoke Break" Jukebawks (Fresno, CA) Drama Favorite Track - "Movin' On" Tson//Musik (Fresno, CA) Fake Mountain//Slow Prism
Favorite Track - "Blessed Light"
Awesome, right? We all want to be rappers now! See you next time with some more local musics!

Spanspek Video Bonanza - January/February 2015

Alright folks, we got a little something different for you today! We're spotlighting a butt load of great local music videos! So sit back, relax, grab a Go-Gurt, and press play!

Fashawn (Fresno, CA)
"Guess Who's Back"
The Ecology (Mass Appeal)
Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries (Fresno, CA)
"Alien Babe"

Hell08s (Fresno, CA)

Meet Me In Montauk (Fresno, CA)
"Poor Me"
Where the Grass Meets the Pavement

The Crossing (Fresno, CA)
True North (Tyme Records)

Check back later this week for highlights of some local beat tape releases! See you then!

Spanspek Album Review: Brother Luke/Zach Zeller - s/t

What's the haps People of the Internet?! Still talking about Beck, Kanye, and Beyonce? Well stop it! Cause it's time to read about the new split from Chico/Redding native ZACH ZELLER and Fresno's BROTHER LUKE! Brother Luke / Zach Zeller (Chico/Fresno/Redding, CA)

Acoustic folk with melodies for days! That's pretty much all that needs to be said about the excellent split from these two Central Valley songwriters. Zeller's silky voice lends a calming vibe to legit heartwarming tunes. Conversely Brother Luke (AKA Luke Freeman) specializes in belted yodels that engage and energize.  Contrasts man, it's a cool thing.

What's most compelling to this lapsed Catholic is that the subject of God pervades almost every song.  Zeller wrestles with temptation in "At The Foot Of My Bed" while Freeman proclaims his faith in the Lord on "Waves are Deep Waves are cool".  The spirit of Freemans songs in particular are refreshing given their focus on the mor…

Spanspek Album Review: Cloudship - Mayday

Good morning folks! Did you see that second Catacomb Party lineup announcement?! Sheesh! I for one can't wait to see Dan Deacon and Joyce Manor get down. It's going to be the crazies!

Speaking of segues, it's time for our next album review! Take a listen to the new EP from Fresno soul rock duo CLOUDSHIP! Cloudship (Fresno, CA) Mayday
After a successful 2014 which saw the release of their Sail to HeavenEP and a four month winter tour of the west coast, Cloudship is back with the rousing Mayday. The sophomore release contains more of the bands signature acoustic soul, with added bits of novel instrumentation that exemplify the groups flair for the dramatic (see the exuberant title track).  
But what really sets the album apart this go around are the collaborations. On "We Are the Same" guitarist Jon Napoles' pure groove is bolstered by the volcanic rhymes of rapper Otis Reed. "Wonderland Express" is a barn burner made all the more fierce by guest violin…