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Spanspek Album Review: Amoret - HRZN

Que dicen amigos!? Things are going well over at Spanspek Headquarters. We've already begun plans for the 10th Anniversary of the Spanspek Music and Arts Festival! it's gonna be the shit!

But that stuff ain't gonna be happening for some time, so lets get to some of the good stuff happening now. And by that I mean more local music! This time around we review the new EP from Fresno pop band AMORET!
Amoret (Fresno, CA)

Valley quartet Amoret sounds like a group that's equal parts Paramore and Metric. On HRZN the band neatly balances bits of electronica with CJ Ramsey's pop infused guitar and singer Christine Graham's powerful vocals (and also saxophone, cause that shit's making a comeback!). With songs emphasizing the trials of young love, Amorets new album is readymade for todays Top 40 landscape.

Album opener "Nothing Like Me" is the diss track every jilted teen has been waiting for, it's initial angry synth bleeding into pulsating rhythm and…

Spanspek Album Review: Awahnichi - Five Hundred Seeds

Pos que pues everyone! Happy 2015 and all that! We hope all your years have started off well! And if they haven't well they're about to cause Spanspek Album Reviews are back!

First up in 2015 is the great new album from AWAHNICHI!
Awahnichi (Merced, CA)
Five Hundred Seeds

Let it be known that back in the day there was no better local band to me than El Olio Wolof. They were like Arcade Fire before that was even a thing. Twas a bummer when they broke up, which is why I'm so stoked that El Olio mastermind RC Essig is back with a brand new project! And listen folks, it's a good one.

With Awahnichi, Essig has taken the basic elements of El Olio Wolof (melancholy keyboards from Vanessa Hofmann, quietly strummed classical guitar, Essig's gentle voice) and beefed up the sound with the addition of drummer Dante Johnson. The overall effect is of a band that has experienced all the world has to offer. Each song, inspired by the varied creatures of the Yosemite Valley, feel liv…