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Spanspek Album Review: Zee Will - #StrategyGuide

Hello!  As I write this the Giants just won the World Series.  And as I write this the Republicans just won the Senate.  And as I write THIS a new episode of Supernatural just finished.  Somewhere out there there's a liberal Dodgers fan that's super pissed off.  Also, I'm apparently a huge procrastinator.

Anywho, it's time for our next Spanspek Album Review!  This time around we listened to the new mixtape from Fresno/San Jose rapper ZEE WILL!
Zee Will

With a high pitched rapid fire delivery and stellar production from the likes of Sahab, BrassTracks, ZenZan and others, rapper Zee Will unleashes one of the better hip-hop albums to drop this year.  Sahab produced track "Watchin" samples 2Pac to great effect, adding a cool undercurrent that suits Zee Will tales of "living the dream".  Similarly the celebratory "SpeakerBoxx", heavy with horns and a soulful Brian Cade/Nae Alma hook, shows the rapper eager to have his voice heard …

Spanspek Album Review: Slow Season - Mountains

What's the haps folks!?  I'm kicking it here with my dog by my side.  She's napping and I'm getting pretty close to going to sleep as well.  It's 10:16pm as I write this for goodness sakes, what's happening to me?!

Luckily I just so happen to have the perfect pick me up in the form of the new album from Visalia classic rock revivalists SLOW SEASON!
Slow Season
Mountains(Riding Easy Records)

In what seems like a relatively short amount of time, Tulare County locals Slow Season have earned a rep as one of the most dynamic live acts in the Valley.  And with good reason; every show is guaranteed to blow ears out with a mix of bloodthirsty vocals, dirty guitars, and monster drum fills.  Their thrilling 2012 self-titled debut is a perfect representation of their bombastic live presence.

On their sophomore effort, the band delivers more of the same great vibe.  Lead single "Sixty-Eight" brings the pain with prowling riffs and Robert Plant-esque invocations.  …

Spanspek Album Review: Sahab - Kittysiclosis

How goes it everyone?  Did you all vote?  Or at least write in a hilarious pun-based name for some high ranking office?  That's always fun.

Anywho, time for another album review!  Give it up for the new release from Fresno prodigy SAHAB!
Sahab Kittysiclosis (Available at shows, iTunes)
On Sahab's newest album (his third in two years), the emotions are dialed way up.  It's hard not to make comparisons, but Kittysiclosis best resembles Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreak, with 80's synths subbing in for the distinctive drum machine, and Sahab's own personal growth replacing West's loneliness and despair.  It makes sense though, as Sahab has seen a number of major changes in his personal life, from the birth of his son to the death of beloved cat Sito.  It all adds up to a somber album that moves the soul.
At the forefront of the albums themes are the responsibilities inherent to fatherhood.  The Pearl Jam lyric sampling "Red" taps into the sacrifices ne…