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Spanspek Album Review: Fiend - Derailed

And we're back!  How goes it folks?  Enjoying your various Halloween parties and what not?  What are you dressing up as?  Might I suggest Santa Claus.  I find that to be pretty funny for reasons I can't explain.  Don't go as the Easter Bunny though, that just feels weird.

Anyway, lets get back to doing what we do second best!  LOCAL MUSIC ALBUM REVIEWS! This time around we got a doozy!  Prepare yourselves for the new EP from Fresno grindcore band FIEND!

I feel like simply typing the O_O emoji sufficiently describes my reaction upon listening to the nine song, six minute (!) insanity that is the Derailed EP.  I mean, it's like actually getting kicked in the Wolfman's got nards.  This is the intensity to which Fiend shuts shit down.

Album opener "Horrendous Ego" destroys on impact with jackhammer snare and bass.  "The Decline" slows down the action slightly, but gives up none of the immediacy and speed bender riffs that populate the a…

Thank You From Spanspek!

And just like that another Spanspek is behind us.  Let me tell you folks, it was a pretty damn good time.  Israel and myself work hard to make Spanspek a special and singular event.  We are beyond grateful that so many of you came out to Orosi to share this festival with us.

Of course we couldn't have done this without considerable help from a number of people and organizations.

Thank you to the Orosi Memorial Hall for hosting us for another year, and the Orosi Memorial District Board for your support of community events.

Thanks to Orosi High School instructors Elise Whited and Jason Whited, and OHS administrator Jason Trevino!  Your dedication to the students of OHS allows us to feature student artwork year after year.

Thank you to Josh Tehee, Jefferson Beavers, Jose Moran with Todo al Pulmon, Mike Oz with Ozmosis, Daniel and Nestor Celaya with Bokeh Productions, and Mike Seay with the Dorktown Podcast Network for helping us get the word out on Spanspek.

Thanks to volunteers K…

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Spanspek* (*But Were Afraid To Ask)!

Ohhhhhh daaaaaaaaannnnnng the big day is almost upon us!  We're super stoked to hang with all y'all tomorrow!  But before we do that, there's a bunch of stuff we need to tell you!  So here we go!
Spanspek Music and Arts Festival Friday, October 17th, 2014 Orosi Memorial Hall, 41645 Road 128, Orosi CA 93618 $5 cover at the door / All ages / 5:30pm -11:30pm Facebook Event Page

6:00p - 6:30p - Santa Mira
7:00p - 7:35p - Macondo
8:10p - 8:50p - Slow Season
9:30p - 10:10p - Strange Vine

6:30p - 7:00p - Roach Collection
7:35p - 8:10p - Planets Live In Houses
8:50p - 9:30p - Patrick Contreras
10:10p - 10:45p - Catharsus
Carlos Cisneros (Fresno, CA) Chris Fierro (Fresno, CA) Christina Galang (Orosi, CA) COS Print Works (Visalia, CA) David Herrera (Visalia, CA) Eric Rodriguez (Visalia/Los Angeles, CA) Fresno Underground Art (Fresno, CA) Jermz Woodard (Visalia, CA) Jose Guadalupe Garcia (Madera, CA) Katie Oros (Visalia, CA) Mauro Carrera (Spanspek…

Spanspek Spotlight: The Artists of Spanspek 2014

What's the haps folks?!  I'm here at home with the wife watching The Flash, waiting for Supernatural to come on.  It's a very exciting time!  Especially with Dust Storm 2014 "raging" through the countryside!

But enough of all that, it is time Simba!  The annual GIGANTIC ARTISTS POST is upon us!  So settle in, grab a cup of your favorite tasty beverage, and read up on all the artists participating in this years festival!  Then come on out this Friday to Spanspek to see all the artists live!

Thomas Barile (Fresno, CA)

Mauro Carrera (Fresno, CA)

Untitled 2014 Spanspek Artist Commission
Carlos A. Cisneros (Fresno, CA)

Chris Fierro (Fresno, CA)

College of the Sequoias Printworks (Visalia, CA)

Fresno Underground Art

Christina Galang (Orosi, CA)

Jose Guadalupe Garcia (Madera, CA)

David Herrera (Visalia, CA)

Steven Nunez Camacho (Fresno, CA)

Katie Oros (Visalia, CA)

Spanspek Spotlight: Strange Vine

Good morning folks!  I hope your weekend was a restful one cause you're gonna need all your energy for Spanspek this Friday!  And if not, well then maybe just take a 30 minute nap or something between now and then.  NOT A MINUTE MORE.  Otherwise you'll just feel like crap again.  Trust me on this one guys.

But enough about the perfect nap, our last band spotlight for the year is about none other than Fresno blues rock band STRANGE VINE!
Here's a little bit about the duo, as told by Noise Pop writer Charles Swanson:

Descending from the Sierra Nevada mountains and now repping Fresno hard as granite, the blistering blues duo Strange Vine aren't just lighting the central valley up with their stomping sound, the band is exploding right now after a national tour that has brought them widespread attention. Think the Black Keys if they were willing to get a little mud on their boot, or Jack White under a heavy flannel and barking at the moon. Strange Vine is the combination of  …

Spanspek Spotlight: Patrick Contreras

What's the haps people?!  Did you all see that Lunar Eclipse the other night?  You know, the one that I'm hella late writing about?  Apparently it was all bloody and shizz.  I wouldn't know.  I was too busy writing blogs in my bed late at night for all of you lovely folks.  I REGRET NOTHING.

Anywho, it's Spanpsek Spotlight time!  Sit back, relax, look at the BLOOD MOON, and learn a little bit about Fresno violinist PATRICK CONTRERAS!
Here are some excerpts from a Fresno Life Magazine article about Contreras, as written by Steve Ono:

Patrick Contreras has been known for plugging a solid body electric violin into a Mesa Boogie tube amp and rocking out at high volume. But he has a new, old fiddle and very cool things are happening.

“I'm definitely addicted to the acoustic violin right now,” Contreras said. “It's because I have a new instrument I can dig into and do color and tricks.

Contreras was studying classical music at California State University, Fresno when he…

Spanspek Spotlight: Macondo

Folks, it's sad times around these parts.  Why you ask?  The Dodgers have once again lost in the playoffs and the Giants are going to the NLCS.  It's a travesty I tell ya!  POR QUE?!?!?!?!

Anywho, so the next Spanspek Spotlight is about a band near and dear to my heart (mostly cause us Spanspek guys are in it!).  Give it up for Orosi latin indie band MACONDO!
Formed in early 2012, Macondo initially found bandleader Israel Flores creating a sound that brimmed with confidence, exuding Mexican and American influences through use of cumbia rhythms, percussion, and rock instrumentation.  Now in its third year of existence, Macondo still plays with vigor, but has branched out to include alternative and indie rock elements in it's newer material.  The result is music that is cultured and boundless.  

The mixing and matching of genres can be attributed to the band boasting veterans from a wide range of musical styles.  These include former norteƱo bassist Jason Trevino, roc en espan…

Spanspek Spotlight: Roach Collection

Good morning!  How goes it?  Have you been to the Fresno Fair yet?  If you happen to go, I'd highly recommend checking out the Mobile Mural in the Fine Arts Building.  It's a fantastic project put on by facilitator (and Spanspek Alumni) Teresa Flores and the folks at Creative Fresno.  DO IT!

Anywho, next up on our series of band profiles is Dinuba hip hop collective, ROACH COLLECTION! Made up of rappers Splynter, Esem, and multi-instrumentalist Edward "Jalinche" Moreno, Roach Collection has grown to become one of the Valley's more intriguing hip hop groups.  The trio excels at presenting opposing forces.  Both Splynter and Esem can rhyme at breakneck paces but also love to slow things down, with Esem adopting delightfully drunken flows and Splynter spouting sing song melodies.  Topics range from Splynter's anxiety laced raps to Esem spitting laid back humor.

No matter the combination, Roach Collection somehow makes it all come together to form one badass who…

Spanspek Spotlight: Slow Season

What's up folks!  I'm listening to some Roach Collection right now, and it kicks booty.  But that's not the band I'm gonna write about today so don't get all crazies.  Also, I'm tired cause it's past my bedtime, which is something I have now that I'm olllllllllllllldddddddddd.

Anywho, the next band on our list of bands on a list is Visalia hard rockers SLOW SEASON!
Here's what "The Evil Engineer" blog had to say about the bands upcoming full length Mountains (due out November 11th on Riding Easy Records), 
If time travel were a reality, I do believe Jimmy Page would travel ahead in time to 2014 and discover Slow Season. Page would then travel back to his time and begin to found Led Zeppelin. Now if that isn’t a testament to Slow Season, I don’t know what else is.
“I’d love for people to wonder if this record is actually from 1969,” grins Cody Tarbell, drummer for Slow Season. “We wanted to capture that spirit. That was the goal.”
That was take…