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Spanspek Album Review: BedeDonia - Part I: The Tangle and Crash

Hello folks!  We're back at it, writing reviews and shit!  I think watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix all day has inspired me.  So expect a lot of burger references.
Next burger up (hehehe) is the new EP from Fresno, CA singer/songwriter BedeDonia! BedeDonia
Part One: The Tangle and Crash

BedeDonia is an otherworldly presence on record and in person.  Her style is pure punk rock ferocity.  Her voice can be both powerful and dulcet; an instrument of many colors, expertly wielded at every turn.  This is never more evident than in her debut album The Tangle and Crash, part one in an as yet unknown series of albums to come from the songstress.

Though primarily a solo acoustic performer, BedeDonia fleshes out her songs with delightful arrangements (courtesy of LA producer Edo Plasschaert), as in doo-wop number "Hitting the Ground" which features an irresistible blend of ukelele, tack piano, and bits of tambourine and finger snaps.  BedeDonia proves herself to be Fresno'…

New Releases - August 2014

People of Earth!  The new Joyce Manor album.  GET ON IT.

The above sentence, I WROTE ONE MONTH AGO!  What happened!?  I'll tell you what happened: Spanspek is up and atom now and there's not much time for reviews.  So I'm just gonna give up for the time being and post all the great shit that's come out since our impromptu hiatus.  NO REVIEWS, JUST GREAT MUSIC.

But first off, check out our new logo!  Pretty snazzy right?
Alright, everybody go get your headphones and lets do this thing!

Wallflower (Fresno, CA) No Silence Favorite Track - "Crushing Teeth"
Dovves (Fresno, CA) s/t Favorite Track - "Ghost"
Possessed Tranquility (Clovis, CA) Bending Favorite Track - "Cry Little Sister" (G Tom Mac cover)
Keeper (Fresno, CA) MMXIV Favorite Track - "As It Needs To Be..."
Reunion (Fresno, CA) Summer Demo 2014 Favorite Track - "Saffron"
PlasticBag FaceMask(Fresno, CA) Riff Soup Favorite Track - "Dr. Jenkins and the Formula Within"