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Spanpsek Album Review: Ralee Drennon - Church Street

Good morning folks!  I hope this day finds you doing well!  Today I write to you from the lovely confines of the Visalia Convention Center, where I'm learning how to prepare for my eventual death!  Life insurance is fun!

With that said, it's time for our next album review.  Introducing the new solo record from Tyrannosaurus Zebra frontman Ralee Drennon!
Ralee Drennon
Church Street

Recorded in 2010 and released seemingly on a whim in May 2014, Church Street is a throwback to 90's era alt-rock from two of the best songwriters ever to come out of the Visalia area.  Drennon and collaborator Brian Fischer (who provided drums and recorded the album) dish out a ramshackle collection of college rock anthems with touches of alt country, punk and even some sleepy folk rock to boot.  It's a drastic yet welcome change from Drennon, a songwriter who's better known for blistering folk punk screeds that never go under 200 beats per minute.  
Album opener "An Apocalypse Song&qu…

Spanspek Album Review: Natural Thrills - I Used To Dance At Weddings

Que dicen amigos?!  I just got done eating a pretty dang good bowl of spaghetti!  I hope your day is just as full of noodle goodness.

Our next album is the great new EP from Fresno/New York indie math rockers Natural Thrills!
Natural Thrills
I Used To Dance At Weddings

On their 2012 self-titled debut Natural Thrills amazed with its command of fluctuating time signatures and constantly changing structures.  While those elements still remain, the elegant I Used To Dance At Weddings adds a slightly somber mood to the proceedings.  A lot of this is due to frontman Kaleb Saldate, pulling triple duty once again as the singer/keyboardist/drummer for the trio.  While previous efforts frequently show Saldate leading the charge with his charismatic drumming, this outing finds him occasionally holding back, letting the dextrous hands of guitarist Justin Rodriguez tell their story.   There's no better example of this than in "Every Damn Time", in which Rodriguez strikes plaintive note…

New Releases: April 2014

How's it going folks!  I'm watching Adventure Time, wating for the Lich King to show up.  That guy is mad scary!

We got some compilations from the fine people at Rasputin Records and a bunch of other cool stuff from I Kill Cameron, 24 Hour Bigfoot Attack, and more!  Take a listen, go to a show, buy some merch, get friendly!  Oh, and there's a little something special at the end of this post...
RAD Sampler Fresno (Rasputin Records)
RAD Sampler Fresno #2 (Rasputin Records)
I Kill Cameron (Fresno/Hanford, CA)
Lo Siento Mi Amor: A Demo/Small Collection of Quick Apologies
24 Hour Bigfoot Attack (Fresno, CA)
24 Hour Bigfoot Attack
Skull Incision (Fresno, CA)
Grind My Teeth

You made it!  Good for you!  Now check this shit out!