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Spanspek Album Review: Richfield - High Fences

Hello folks!  I'm in the midst of a beautiful spring time afternoon as I write this, with some steaks in the fridge reading for burning.  It's gonna be a good times.

But enough with that, lets talk about the new album from Fresno country outfit Richfield!
High Fences

One would be hard pressed to find an album with more hooks than the new five song EP from these valley pros.  Led by singer/songwriter Ted Nunes, Richfield cranks out hit after hit, seemingly on a mission to take over the nations airwaves with an arsenal of well crafted tunes perfectly suited to the windy beaches of California's central coast.

Standout track "Big Wheels" comes readymade to soundtrack countless nights dancing at a favorite local juke joint.  "California Real" exudes youthful energy even as it depicts a man who laments "Baby, I might be in California, but I can't hear the waves on the beach."

Amongst the strong songwriting and monster hooks lies the ban…

Spanspek Album Review: Dirty Limbs - Dirty Limbs

Some inside info for all y'all.  This is the second blog I've written today!  I'm on a roll son!

Ok, so lets get to it!  Next up for bloggings is the debut album from Fresno band Dirty Limbs!
Dirty Limbs Dirty Limbs (available only at shows)
Super groups are all the rage these days apparently.  Comprised of members from such bands as Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries, Needy Eevy, and Strawberry Jam (and that's just drummer Audrey Johnson!) Dirty Limbs is taking Fresno by storm.  On their debut album, the band comes correct with infectious surf rock jams that'd make punks out of Frankie and Annette.  The noodleriffic leads of Sleepover Disaster guitarist Luke Giffin matched with the indecipherable intonations of singer/guitarist Jonathan Hadden make for a garage rock match made in heaven.  
Every track on the album blisters with fuzzed out alacrity.  Personal favorite "Hobo Bed" thrills to no end; its pulsating groove literally inspiring dance floor contor…

Spanspek Album Review: Cloudship - Sail to Heaven


I really wanna put a sunglasses emoji next to that "Sup".  I wish the technology existed to do it.  It'd be hella cool.

Alright, local music aficionados, here's the next album review for your collective eyes and ears.  Take a listen to the new album from Fresno duo Cloudship!
Cloudship Sail to Heaven
Cloudship, the new"mini-super group" from Blind Bison's Brandon Freeman and Before Perils' Jonathan Napoles, makes magic with a set of songs that are righteous and unafraid.  While still showing the influence of their main bands (which is a good thing, given the caliber of the two groups), Cloudship manages to forge its own path with a mix of folk, blues, and psychedelia.  The simple instrumentation of songs like "The Hangover" seemed designed to strip away all pretension, aiming straight for the soul.  Album opener "Sail to Heaven" seems destined to soundtrack the wide eyed exploits of the young traveler.  And impressive closer &…