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Spanspek Album Review: Rogues - Rogues

Good morning folks!  How goes it on your various corners of the Internet?  Good I hope.  I'm over at Spanspek Headquarters with my dogs watching them try to steal my food.  Now one of them is licking his feet like there's no tomorrow.  The sound he makes is horrifying.

But enough about that, it's time for our next album review!  Lets get to know Fresno rockers Rogues!

Last we heard from the Poytress brothers , they were making waves as Sessions, a modern rock band with soul.  Under the new moniker Rogues, the group brings more of the same and it's a pleasure to behold.  The new self-titled EP has radio friendly written all over it.  On slow jam "Nothing Special" singer/guitarist Jordan Poytress attempts to forget a former lover, while prowling guitars beckon him back to her.  On the four minute stand out song "The Line", the bands three guitarists unite to create a myriad of textures that expertly evoke unyielding obsession masked as lov…

New Releases - March 2014

Good afternoon folks!  It's a pretty good day ay?  The sun is shining, the air is cool, and I've been listening to Madvillian all day.  I think I'm gonna try to memorize All Caps again.

But before I do, here are a few new local releases coming your way in March.  Well actually, one's been around for a few months but I just became aware of it so here you go!  Go out, listen to these albums, and go to one of the bands shows!
Inside the Sun (Fresno/Coarsegold, CA)
Inside the Sun

Optimus Prime (Fresno, CA)
Valley Madness E.P.

Spanspek Album Review: Kooleidoscope - Expressing My Whatever

Good evening folks!  I just got done watching the Oscars and all I got to say is that's it's pretty cool that a Alfonso Cauron won Best Director.  That guy is a amazing!  If you want to check out another one of his films I'd highly recommend Children of Men.  Virtuoso one-take shots for days son!

Anywho, it's time again for another album review!  This time we venture to Sanger, CA to discuss the new mixtape from rapper Kooleidoscope!
Kooleidoscope (Sanger/Fresno, CA)
Expressing My Whatever

An ode to free thought, Kooleidoscope's debut mixtape finds her ruminating on all manner of personal subjects.  Employing a staccato flow reminiscent of Empress Stahhr, Kool (i.e. Ronnie Taylor) spits authoritatively about the search for self.  Her most powerful commentary comes in "Outside Looking In", where she details the struggles fought daily as an out lesbian.  In todays climate, where the LGBT community is still ridiculed in certain sections of hip hop (not to ment…