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Spanspek Album Review: Sahab - Dead Rabbit

So what's the haps folks!  It was raining not too long ago, now the sun's shining!  It really feels like that nice time of year where it actually feels like Spring around here.  It typically doesn't last very long so you better take advantage while you can.  I suggest drinking beer outside.  Or a bike ride I guess, if you're into that sort of thing.

Anywho, it's time for another album review!  This time we return to the work of prolific sound manipulator Sahab!
Sahab (Fresno, CA)
Dead Rabbit

With last years excellent 11:59 Sahab let loose his raging id.  Tales of debauchery abounded in the EP, accompanied by videos filled with murder and deceit.  It was the shit.

This time around Sahab has seen fit to present a slightly sunnier side of himself with the excellent Dead Rabbit, an album that differentiates itself from past efforts with its pop focus.  On the fetching "Bipolar Bear (Get It?)" effervescent squiggles and bits of bright keyboard populate the back…

New Releases - February 2014

Dude, House of Cards y'all.  That shit has taken over my life!  It's antihero craziness with Kevin Spacey.  I imagine this is how all of your felt while watching Bryan Cranston do his thing.

Anywho, we're starting a whole new feature here at Spanspek Headquarters called "New Releases" which I know is a boring title but nimodo.  Sometimes, there's so much music coming out of the local scene we aren't able to cover it all.  With that in mind we'll be occasionally providing brief posts about some of the fresh tunes coming out of the Valley, in the hopes that you'll check out the bands behind them.

So alright, lets get to it!

Santa Mira(Fresno, CA)
Songs To Fall Asleep Driving To

Hell08s (Fresno, CA) Morality Pt. 1
I Kill Cameron (Hanford/Fresno, CA) The Better Half

Spanspek Album Review: Planets Live In Houses Self-Titled Debut

Yeesh, I did not intend for 2014 to go by this long without a blog post!

Never fear faithful reader, we here at Spanspek Headquarters are never gone for long!  So with that said, lets get this new year started with some new music and bloggings!  First up for 2014 is the fine debut from Fresno instrumental group Planets Live In Houses!
<a href="">Planets Live in Houses. by Planets Live in Houses</a>Expanding on last years ClouderEP, the new album by Planets Live In Houses finds the Fresno quartet showcasing their instrumental bona fides.  Like Explosions in the Sky before them, the band manages to pull off that most tricky of moves: being an instrumental band that evokes high emotion.  The incandescent ballad "My Girlfriend Died in a Fire" sounds like the comfort one finds in loved ones, even as the heart aches.  Fearless closer "Bare Claws" takes…