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Spanspek Favorite Music of 2014: Local Albums

Good morning folks! This is it, our last blog of the year! I'm so happy cause it means I can go back to sleeping at a normal hour! But more than that, it means sharing our favorite local albums of 2014!
And let me tell you, it was rough going coming up with the list this year! We listened to some 50 albums over the course of a few weeks, and the process was mind numbing to say the least. That said, it was well worth the effort, as the local scene has a lot to offer! Here now for your reading and listening pleasure are our favorite local albums of 2014
10. Ralee Drennon (Visalia / Fresno, CA) Church Street The surprise album from Tyrannosaurus Zebra frontman Raleigh Drennon drew praise from Friendcore followers all over. The album keeps the punk feel TZ fans know and love but slows the pace, adding killer lead guitar and cleaner vocals which emphasize Drennons way with melody. If Drennon makes a habit of dropping secret albums on the reg, we won't complain.
9. Planets Live In Houses (…

Spanspek Favorite Music of 2014: Local Singles

Alright folks! Our favorite time of the year has arrived! Lets get into the nitty gritty of the year in local music!
First things first, this is how we do things here at Spanspek Headquarters. Tomorrow we'll discuss our favorite local albums of the year. Today we're gonna go over our favorite singles of 2014, excluding those that are on our favorite albums list. This is done so that we can cover as many different local acts as possible, because there are tons! The Fresno/Tulare County scenes are incredibly diverse, with a multitude of great acts creating amazing songs every day. We hope that these next few posts will shine a light on our vibrant music culture, so that you will be encouraged to go out and see these bands yourself. Or maybe even create some music of your very own!
So without further adieu, here are Spanspek's favorite singles of 2014!

B. Wash (Fresno, CA) "R.O.L.A." On the Road Again Pt. 1 (Tyme Records) With an authoritive flow and dreamlike production,…

Spanspek Favorite Music of 2014: National Releases

Good morning people of Middle Earth! After hearing from a bunch of our friends this past week, it's time for us Spanspek guys to share our favorite music of 2014! In case you don't know who we are, fear not, we'll tell you! Israel Flores and myself (Cristobal Carrillo) are the founders of the Spanspek Music and Arts Festival, an event held annually in Orosi, CA that celebrates locally created music and art, and which raises money for high school scholarships, artist commissions, and local music concerts. We're also musicians active in the Fresno area (Israel with alt-latino band Macondo, Cristobal with garage trio Werebear).

We'll share our favorite local music with a couple of posts next week. For now, here's a list of our favorite 2014 "National" releases.

[Editor's Note: Izzo isn't too fond of making "Best of" lists, so instead he provided a sample of some of the stuff he enjoyed this year.]

Ana Tijoux
Vengo (Naciona…