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Locals Only - Favorite Albums of 2013

YES!  It is time Simba!  Here for your listening pleasure are Spanspek's Favorite Albums of 2013!

Tyrannosaurus Zebra (Visalia/Fresno, CA)
The Taste of Lunch to Come
<a href="">The Taste Of Lunch To Come by Tyrannosaurus Zebra</a>
It’s unknown why Tyrannosaurus Zebra choose to take the name of their newest album from a certified punk classic.Whatever the reason, it certainly fits with their well-established irreverence toward punk holy grails and ideologies. Lunch brings more of the same lightening quick barn burners you’ve come to expect from the band, including some rerecording’s of TZ classics.The threesome shows that sometimes there’s no need to mess with a good thing.
Favorite Child (Fresno, CA)
Collection A (PlasticSkull Music)
<a href="">Collection A by Favorite Child</a>
Favorite Child was one in a long traditio…

Locals Only: Favorite Singles of 2013


That's right people of the Shire, it's that time of the year where everyone's making out all hardcore under the mistletoe.  And that can mean only one thing; it's time for our annual "Favorites Music of 2013" Lists!

We'll be hitting you with three this year, assuming this cold of mine goes away.  First up is our list of Favorite Local Singles.  Note that in an effort to write about as many local bands as possible, this list leaves out those bands who we'll be writing about in future favorite albums post.

Alright!  So read on, listen in, buy some music, and head out to a local show!

Blind Bison (Fresno, CA)
A Seismic Laugh
<a href="">A Seismic Laugh by Blind Bison</a>
Part of the Valley's blues/roots rock contingent, Blind Bison distinguished itself this year by releasing an album that embraces the sounds of indie rock.  On "Agadega"…

Spanspek 2013: The Video!

For those of you unfortunate enough to have missed Spanspek this year, boy have we got a treat for you!  And for those who did attend, boy have we got a treat for you!  It's a video party in our blog and everyone's invited!
A great many thanks to Nestor Celaya of Bokeh Video Productions for all the hard work and support. You kicked some ass on this hear video!  Thanks as well to Visalia band Slow Season for letting us use their song!

Please be sure to share this with your friends, family, and sworn enemigos!  Thanks and we'll be back later with our Best of 2013 lists!