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Locals Only: Planets Live in Houses - Clouder EP

Good evening everyone!  How goes it?  Pretty good I hope.  I'm sitting here with my wife and dogs, belly full of Chinese food, trying to get my Netflix on.  It's a good life is what I'm saying.

And now the battery ran out on the controller!  Pssh, that ain't gonna phase me!  Let's listen instead to some new music from Fresno band Planets Live in Houses!
<a href="">Clouder by Planets Live in Houses</a>After playing a few shows around Fresno (including an impressive set at Catacomb Party), the instrumental group Planets Live in Houses has dropped a late year surprise with it's excellent two song Clouder demo.  The winding "Wolf Computer" functions like a pumped up theme and variations, up until a pulverizing rock coda bust the fuck out of nowhere to lay waste to what came before it.  "Heather" provides more of the same, but with an expanded palette of mallet percussion,…

Locals Only - New Midwest Moms Single

What day is it today?  11/15/13?  That's a record 40+ days to recover from Spanspek!  Not a moment too soon I say, what with the end of the year on the way.  There's end of the year music lists to make, and still a good amount of new local music to write about!

But before I get to all that, Israel and I would once again thank everyone involved with making this years festival one of the best ever.  We depend on a long list of volunteers, friends, loved ones, music & art lovers, and an entire community to do what we do.  It's hard work, but all of you make it easier with your contributions.  Thank you and we love you all.

Alright, lets get down to business!  Time to get sad with some new tunes from Fresno group Midwest Moms!
<a href="">Home by Midwest Moms</a>
I'm not well versed in the world of post-punk.  The closest I ever really got to being even remotely goth was liking the soundtrack to "The …