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Locals Only: New-ish Music From Dim Peaks, Ocher

Hello!  Look!  I'm trying to get my act together!  Two blogs in one week!  It's crazy talk!  So lets get to it!

I've been meaning to write about these two releases for a while now, and am just now getting around to it.  The first is the fantastic "Reason" by Dim Peaks, the new project by Fresno singer/songwriter Niilo Smeds!Easy going alt-folk with pulsing electric guitar to provide momentum.  Lilting, off kilter singing about the inevitability of change and the end of it all.  Maybe.  I'm pretty bad at this deciphering lyrics stuff.  One things for sure, this song is undeniably awesome.  Dim Peaks first album, Time of Joy, will be out September 3, 2013 through Gold Robot Records. Next on the list is Greenland, the new two song EP from Visalia alt rockers Ocher!  Here's a video of the epic opener "Greenland", as provided by the lovely folks at the Screaming Rebels Network:Having followed these guys for a while, "Greenland" came as a bi…

Locals Only Album Review: Sahab - 11:59

I'm starting to think Sahab may be a serial killer.

The conclusion of a recent video series promoting his new album 11:59 ends with an implied nefarious deed, the second of its kind if you consider the ending of his video for "No?"  Luckily he's not so much taking lives as he is killing it in the studio (couldn't resist the pun).  With 11:59 Sahab once again proves to be a master of the soundboard, exquisitely manipulating all manner of sounds to delve into the midnight heart of the city.

11:59 is similar in tone and ambition to Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  The content is all excess, drugs, and revenge fantasies, as in the beautifully arranged "SnakesDontWalkTheySlither".  Every song is filled to the brim with prismatic touches, from skittering beats to Sahab's signature heart piercing lead guitar (see the amazing "Beautiful"), which adds menace and longing to each song.  It's all just so fucking gorgeous!

Just …