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Locals Only Album Review: Light Thieves - Spirit Homes

Oh lordy, where has the time gone?  I swear, one day I'm all writing blogs like crazy (i.e. twice a month), and the next thing I know a whole month has passed without a single post.  No good folks, no good.  Well I hope you missed us cause I've missed writing to y'all.  So lets just get down to business and talk about Spirit Homes, the new LP from Fresno band Light Thieves!
<a href="">Spirit Homes by Light Thieves</a>Probably the most highly anticipated local release of the year, Spirit Homes had a lot to live up to in my brain, which I know is a dangerous thing to do, but which I did nonetheless.  I'm happy to report that the album pretty much delivers.  Chock full of the expected and excellent atmospheric head trips (courtesy of guitarist Joel Robert Melton), the album especially entices due to the added brawn of the rhythm section (a bombastic Kaleb Saldate and fluid Erica Najera).

Maybe it'…