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Locals Only: New Singles From Sahab, Hell08's


It's been a long time folks!  And I'm finding it very hard to not quote the rest of that Aaliyah song.  So I'll just go on to say that I shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to.  Bah!  I couldn't have stopped that even if I tried!  R.I.P. girl.

So since my little sabbatical there've been a few notable releases.  So lets get to it!

First up, there's "Beautiful", the new single from Fresno studio scientist Sahab!
Like a more daring version of The Postal Service, "Beautiful" shows Sahab at his most evocative, painting vivid landscapes using almost every sound known to man.  Layers upon layers of electronic pulses, backwards guitars, and elegant piano form an exquisite palette that requires multiple listens to fully appreciate.  Through it all Sahab's soulful delivery bursts with passion, intoning the listener to stay true oneself, in spite of what others may want or say.

Sahab's full length album 11:59 is due o…

Locals Only Album Review: Francis Ward's Self-Titled Debut

Good evening folks!I write to you today from the bustling confines of City Hall, where the public is fighting with the powers that be over a potential increase in utility rates.There was a TV reporter here and everything!It's very exciting!It's like an episode of Parks and Recreation, but with way more sexy.
But I digress, let's get to some local music reviewing!Today's edition is about the new EP from Fresno/Squaw Valley rock band Francis Ward! <a href="">Francis Ward Ep by Francis Ward</a>
Though relatively young, Francis Ward has managed to already make its mark on the local music scene.   Take a listen to their new EP and you'll quickly understand why. Employing the well-worn sounds of laidback 90's rock, every song is immediately familiar and catchy.Songs like the excellent “April Skies”, with its soaring guitar solo and earnest lyrics, imbues an authenticity that a scant few are willi…