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Locals Only Album Review: Friendcore til' the Endcore Compilation

Hello everyone!  I hope this day finds you doing incredibly well!  We here at Spanspek Headquarters are doing very well, slowly regaining our hearing after a brainsplittingly loud Dinosaur Jr. concert on Saturday!  It was the crazies!  On a side note, at the end of the show I briefly contemplated stealing one of J Mascis' picks, but relented at the last minute.  Then everyone else stole the picks.  And then I was sad.

But all that aside, it's time for another Locals Only Album Review!  Today we've got an eclectic compilation album full of songs by bands from the local Fresno Friendcore scene!
<a href="">Compilation by Fresno Friendcore</a> Titled Friendcore til' the Endcore, the album features songs from a plethora of Friendcore favorites, newbies, and oddities.  Older stand out tracks from the likes of Sci-Fi Caper, Cabin Fire and Strawberry Jam …

Locals Only Album Review: Murder Park's Self Titled Debut

Good afternoon lovely people of the internet!  I write to you from the comfy confines of Spanspek Headquarters, watching murder mysteries on tv.  In the immortal words of Korn, I truly got the life.

Speaking of transitions, we've got another album review for your eyeholes!  Take a listen to the self titled debut of Fresno indie/punk band Murder Park!
<a href="">Murder Park by Murder Park</a> Chock full of cynicism and disheveled corrido stylings, Murder Park present an album unique amongst its Friendcore brethren.  The band borrows from Mexican Norte├▒omusic to share tales of anger and despair in the hellhole that is California.  As singer/guitarist Garth Clifton sings in "California is A Prison (White Skies)", the "Sunshine State" is nothing more than an illusion. 

That sense of hopelessness also pervades "Speaking In Cursive", possibly the albums best track.  Over jangly guitars …