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Locals Only: New Singles from Tyrannosaurus Zebra, BedeDonia, and I Kill Cameron

Oh lordy, decide to take one week off and all of a sudden everyone and their momma is releasing an EP.It’s due out in June.Hehehehe, playing with words is fun.

Anywho, no joke, there is a grip load of music to write about so let us get to the doing!

First up, Fresno singer/songwriter BedeDonia!

A modern take on classic doo wop, BedeDonia’s first single “Love in the Dark” entices.Matching traditional background oohs and finger snaps with an elegant string arrangement, the songstress crafts a tune both familiar and inventive.Her voice also allures with its confidence and maturity.Having settled in Fresno after a time spent in LA, BedeDonia is a welcome addition to the Fresno music scene.

Next up is the ukulele styling’s of Hanford singer/songwriter and Ferris Bueller enthusiast I Kill Cameron!
<a href="">Tortoise Shell Hell by I Kill Cameron</a>
In a quick two minutes I Kill Cameron delivers an adorable song perfe…

Locals Only Album Review: Blind Bison - A Seismic Laugh

Good day everyone!  I hope this Friday finds you anxiously awaiting the end of the work day, texting your friends to find out where you all are going to drink tonight.  Or just going home to play videogames.  To each their own!  I'm not judging you!  We here at Spanspek Headquarters might just go out to get a bite to eat. 

But before all that, we've got some newish music to drop on y'all!  Newish in that it was released in February, but we just got wind of it recently.  Speaking of which, let it hencforth be known that if you release music, please send it to us at!  We'd love to write about it!

But I digress!  Without further ado, here's our review of A Seismic Laugh, the first album by Fresno rockers Blind Bison!

Equal parts Strange Vine and Incubus, Blind Bison's first album is an enjoyable set of down home mountain jams with a strong 90's vibe. The record brims with electrifying solos and tracks that begin at a slow burn, then morph in…

Locals Only: New Cockamamie Jamie Single "Maxine"

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you're all doing well!  We've been under attack as of late by various sicknesses over at Spanspek Headquarters.  Thankfully it looks like we're all on the mend.  
And thank goodness too, because we've got more good music for your hearts and minds to gobble up.  Just dropped today is “Maxine”, the new single from Fresno rapper Cockamamie Jamie! <a href="">Maxine by Cockamamie Jamie</a>
Half of Fresno neo-lounge act The Argyle Pimps, Cockamamie Jamie sets off on his own with a wistful tale of young love.  With a crazy ass bank robber.  It doesn’t end well for the couple, as Bonnie & Clyde would tell you, but the love affair is certainly fun while it lasts.  Full of unforgettable declarations like "Lets go, lets do it, lets go for broke/If you ever leave my sight I will slit your damn throat", it's hard not to fall for "Maxine".  Cockamamie Ja…

Locals Only Album Review: Esem - B.A.M.

What it do good people of Middle Earth!?  Are you buying tickets to the upcoming Dinosaur Jr. concert in Fresno?  Because if you're not you should!  They're a very good band!  And their frontman looks like an alt. rock Gandalf the Grey.  You shall not pass…this opportunity up!  Oh man, I think I just hit an all time peak with that line right there!

Anywho, hello!  We've found a new local release for your ear muscles!  Take a listen to B.A.M., the new album from Dinuba emcee Esem: B.A.M. by Esem
Joined by members of his Roach Collection crew, Esem spits poetic on all matter of subjects in a collection of singles released over the last few years.  There's the usual stuff about the opposite sex and substance abuse (see the excellent "Borracho").  But amongst those tawdry tales, Esem finds time to delve into more atypical subjects, such as "Jehova's Shit List", where he reconciles his religious beliefs with those espoused by door-to-door missionaries…