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Hello people of the internet!  I hope this morning finds you doing well.  We're less than a month away from Spanspek and I can already feel myself getting super anxious and excited!  This year is going to be packed with awesomeness and we hear at Spanspek can't wait for all of you to experience it!

With that said, let me introduce you to a first of its kind for Spanspek.  Never in our 7 years have we ever invited a non-human entity to perform.  Call it a bias towards living and breathing beings.  However, in an effort to form better relations with our soon to be computer overlords, we've invited an actual robot to perform.  So without further adieu let me introduce you to Fresno, CA cybernetic beat machine Collecto!

Here's what Collecto's programmers have to say about their creation, as listed Facebook:

"Collecto is a Robot who has but two programs loaded into his mainframe; one is to deliver a creative and unique sound to the people of Planet Earth, the other t…


Good morning folks!  I hope this blog finds you preparing for the weekend!  It's Thursday as I write this and I got the day off tomorrow, so I'm feeling pretty fly, like a V8!  Wait no, that's the vegetable juice. 

Anywho, Spanspek is just around the corner, and these blogs ain't gonna write themselves.  Or can they?

00011 011100 1001 101000 1111

Hmm, that's all the Computer could come up with on its own.  It took twelve hours.  That's not fit to print Computer!  You best get to steppin'!

Uh oh, the computer screen is flashing between blood red and a picture of my face with X's over my eyes!  I better move on!  Sooooooooooo lets make a smooth transition to talk about Fresno CA ska/punk rock outfit Basura!

Just for funsies, here's another badass photo of the group I found on ye olde interwebz, courtesy of Patrick George Photo:

Basura at Audie's Olympic - Patrick George Photo

Basura recently opened for the "revolutionary rock" group Outernati…


Good afternoon everybody!  How are all of you today?  Good I hope.  I'm doing well, currently traveling the world via Google Earth.  Actually, I've been traveling the Moon, Mars and even the distance reaches of the Universe with that dang program.  Look, Spanspek isn't sponsored by Google or anything, but I've got to admit, Google Earth is pretty badass.  I mean, I was looking at that smiley face crater on the surface of Mars!?  How cool is that?! that actually a thing people consider cool?  Maybe I've misjudged how cool this kind of stuff is.  Oh God, please don't beat me up Internet Bullies!  I have glasses!

Speaking of which, someone reminded me recently of that saying, "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you? Huh?"  Now with all that Lasik surgery stuff, no one gives a shit.  People with glasses be getting clocked left and right!

Where was I?  Ah yes, its time for another installment of this here blog.  Today we'll be t…

Pro Wings

Good evening from the past!  I hope this blog finds you much as I find myself at the moment, watching a late night episode of Friends from the comfort of home.  Oh Chandler, you crack me up!  Gellar siblings on the other hand, I still hate the lot of you.

And so begins the blog about our next Spanspek act, Hanford CA indie wunderkinds Pro Wings!
Here's a description of the band, as provided by their Bandcamp account:

"Pro Wings is an experimental indie rock band from Hanford, CA.  Zach Rodriguez plays guitar and sings.  Jay Pena plays guitar.  Zack Driver plays bass and David Sibaia plays drums."

Technically accurate, but a little on the dry side.  Here's a fuller description, as provided on their MySpace account:

"That song you hear while waking up from a good dream when you're young."

Now that's the ticket!  Pro Wings really does inspire that type of feeling you get when you're walking along at dusk and you notice that the heavens are this perfect b…

Sci-Fi Caper

Good morning everyone!  I hope this blog finds you all doing well.  At this very moment it is 4pm on a Friday and I am stuck at work, eagerly awaiting the end of the work day so I can clock out and go get some ice cream or something.  So while I wait, I says to myself, I says, "You should write one of those blog posts about the bands that are playing Spanspek."  And then I quickly minimize the screen so that my co-workers don't catch on to what I'm doing.  That ain't no TPS Report, they'd say, as they drag my soon to be tortured self to the dungeon, deep beneath the bowels of the Earth.  Did I mention that I work at Medievel Times? 

So here we are!  And here is Fresno CA Friendcore band Sci-Fi Caper!

Here's a brief but incredibly accurate description of the group, as provided by Amber Fargano (of Passion Bucket/Fatty Cakes/Strawberry Jam fame):

"An important sound in Fresno. This group is bringing to the valley exactly what it needs - California beach-…

Spanspek 2012 Poster & Line-up Revealed!

Good morning everyone!  I hope this blog post finds you all doing incredibly well!  It's been a while since we've last spoken, but we're glad to be back!

We here at Spanspek Headquarters are proud to finally present to you the lineup for the 2012 edition of the Spanspek Music and Arts Festival!  

This is by far one of the most eclectic lineups we've ever rounded up.  We've got a real live robot on the bill for goodness sakes!  Anywho, we can't wait to share this experience with y'all!  It's going to be the crazies!  

In the meantime, please feel free to fall in love with the groups that'll be performing in September.  For more information feel free to puruse our website, Facebook, or Twitter.  Thank you kindly, please spread the word, and good night!  This post took me a whole day to write!

Sahab (Fresno, CA)
Achievement House (Fresno, CA)…