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New Albums: May/June 2017

Folks! There was a bunch of local music released in May and June of 2017! But I lost my list of all the releases in a freak phone accident. I was done dirty by the iCloud! C'est la vie!

MAY 2017
Elder Devil(Fresno, CA) Graves Among the Roots Genre: Grindcore

Bangladeshi Highway (Fresno, CA)
Take the X Off
Genre: Weirdo indie folk.

JUNE 2017
Amusia1(Fresno, CA)
Mostly Ghosts Vol. 1
Genre: Hip-hop.

Farooq (Fresno, CA)
The Faction
Genre: Hardcore/Punk/Metal.

Three out of four album covers are black! Goodnight!

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Community Spotlight: Fuss Fest

Hey folks! Hope this post finds you doing well.  I've been M.I.A. for a bit because The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an amazing game that has taken over my life. This is how I've chosen to spend the precious few moments allotted to me on this mortal plane.

Anyway, I really wanted to take some time to give some blog love to the folks over at the first ever Fuss Fest!
For those who don't know, Fuss Fest is a femme-centric music and arts fest that's going on this Saturday over at Yoshi Now in Fresno! To celebrate the event I spoke with its organizers: artist Pris Van Rye, Midwest Moms vocalist and OtherXcore zine author Sam Retton, Sci-Fi Caper vocalist/bassist Emelia Guadarrama, and vintage clothing purveyor Rio Toi. Read it up, share, pack some sunscreen, then head out to the fest! 
Spanspek: All of you are either artists or musicians involved in the Fresno area. Is this your first event of this type, or something that you've done before?
Pris: I …

The Last Spanspek

You read right folks. After 12 years of bringing local music and art to Cutler-Orosi, we will be holding the final Spanspek Music and Arts Festival on September 16, 2017 (sorry in advance to all the Canelo Alvarez fans out there). It's a pretty big deal.

It's a decision that wasn't made lightly. However, we do feel that it's the right thing to do. Music is our first love. We initially started Spanspek so that we could perform our own music in our hometown. Since that time it has grown to become a singular event that has helped us form long lasting friendships, experience incredible music and art, and even contribute to the college educations of a few Orosi High School students. It's been amazing, but it has nevertheless become an all encompassing effort. Though we love Spanspek and the community it has fostered, we want to dedicate ourselves fully to our original and new passions.

All that said, don't expect Spanspek to fully go away. We still plan on promotin…

How to Play the Spanspek Festival

Hey folks! It's mid-May! You know what that means? It means Co-Founder/Director Israel Flores and I awake from our eternal slumber to start looking for bands to book for Spanspek 2017! It's a fun process that involves listening to a bunch of music, going to shows, arguing, and extreme bitterness and resentment. Honestly it's a wonder we've made it this far without murderizing each other.

Of course I kid. We've attempted multiple times but with no success. Maybe this will be our year!

In any case, for any of y'all that have ever asked yourself, "What do I gotta do to play Spanspek?!" rejoice! For today's your lucky day! Here written down for the first time ever are the tips you need to know to POTENTIALLY nab a spot on the lineup for the 2017 Spanspek Music and Arts Festival.


Ha! Just kidding, we can't be bought! But if you do feel like donating to La Causa Spanspek, please give it here Malfoy.

Ok, here's the real…

New Albums: April 2017

What's the word folks!? I'm watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and everything is peaches! Here's some local music that was released in April 2017!

Ferguson (Fresno, CA)
The Best Democracy on Earth
As noisy and chaotic as you'd expect a riot against government forces to be. Not for the faint of heart.

The Media (Reedley, CA)
The Media
Some smooth reggae tinged alt-rock from a group of talented young guns just breaking into the scene.

The Ramblers Noir (Visalia, CA)
Dive Street Dreams
Pensive jazz rock with a blue streak, perfect for when the neon motel lights flicker in the never-ending night.

Stoneshiver (Fresno, CA)
Character Development
Couldn't find a solo pic of their album cover, so here's a poster of their album release show, going on tonight! With a professional sound reminiscent of 90's alt-rock acts Live and Switchfoot, the band is always a crowd favorite everywhere it goes.

New Albums: March 2017

Folks, I told myself I was gonna watch a movie tonight. But I couldn't decide between Alien or the original Ghost in the Shell. So I wrote a blog instead! Enjoy!
Arkasist (Fresno, CA)
Evolutionary Onset

Crash (Fresno, CA)
Sub Life
Winner of the Cutest Album Cover contest. Is this a thing people do with their kids? I feel like I've seen alot of these elaborately dressed baby photo shoots lately. It is an amazing trend. Plus this album has weirdcore production and legit flows. Basically, come for them chubby cheeks, stay for the good tunes.

Cease (Fresno, CA)
The River

Ensepulcher (Fresno, CA)
No Sanctity in Death
FM Transmitter (Fresno, CA)
95.5 fm
Ay! FM Transmitter, I'm talking to you! This is some WEIRD shit. Like, I'm digging it and all, but that high pitched vocal is kind bugging me out. It's like the little voice inside my head decided to make a freak folk album. It's unsettling. Keep it u…

On Separating the Art from the Artist

On March 18, 2017 legendary singer/songwriter and guitarist Chuck Berry passed away. He was 90 years old. I grew up with only a passing knowledge of Berry's music, never really acknowledging it as something I liked. I played "Johnny B. Goode" on drums with my high school rock band, but otherwise, his music was just kind of in the background, drowned out by Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

As I got older my appreciation grew. Songs like "Rock and Roll Music" and "You Never Can Tell" were always delightful to hear whenever they'd turn up on oldies radio stations. The elements of what would become rock and roll where plain to hear, and for that Berry earned a sort of academic respect. He was an originator of the music I love and for that he deserved a place of honor.

That was of course until I learned that the dude was a straight up sex offender. Anyone familiar with Chuck Berry knows that he did a few stints in jail; once for armed robbery, another for trans…